Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back

Making of

Patrick "pcj" Johnston Producer, director, programmer
Andres "mjomble" Kalle Writer, director, programmer
Martin "Marty McFly" de Montfort Background artist
Frederik "olzen" Olsen Producer, musician, director, writer
Chris "Datadog" Ushko Animator, director, programmer, writer

Additional Music Robert Backman, Matthew Chastney, Robert Piwowarczyk, Raggit
Additional Programming Jared Hansen, Frederik Olsen
2D Artists Martin de Montfort, Chris Ushko
3D Artists Patrick C. Johnston, Chris Ushko
VFX and Compositing Chris Ushko
2D Concept Art Ryan Davies, Michael Ecke, Andres Kalle, Frederik Olsen
3D Concept Art Chris Meining
Character Design Martin de Montfort, Chris Ushko
Pre-Production Directors Samuel Lawson, Chris Meining
Spanish Consultants Lone Merete Jensen, Alan Millan
Additional Writing Benjamin Vigeant, Chris Key, Karmo Talts, Samuel Lawson, Chris Meining, Nigel Thomas, eyeCoof, Pstonie
Sound Editing Frederik Olsen, Chris Ushko
Sound Effects appear courtesy of The Free Sound Project
"Also Sprach Zarathustra" Composed by Richard Strauss
Performed by Barbara Schubert and the University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Lead Testers Patrick C. Johnston, Chris Ushko
Beta Testers Arseni Kondratenko (DrSlash), Alan Luckachina (ClassicGamer81), Troels Pleimert, Branden Tobin (The Hero)
AGS Game Engine created by Chris Jones
OGG Vorbis and MP3 Player by Javier Gonzalez
OGG Theora Player by Chris Robinson
Special Thanks to Frans van Hofwegen, Jason Vertucio, Joe Cassara, James B Huston, Amayirot Akago, Azure, Space Paw, Strange Visitor, Nigel Thomas, Tim Sissonw/td>
Very Special Thanks to The developers of Sierra Online And all our supporters