King's Quest Collector's Edition


"King's Questions" is a small quiz game in the collection, testing the player's knowledge of the King's Quest series.

You are captain of the ship that carries Alexander and Cassima from the Green Isles to Daventry. To help pass the time, the three of you engage in a rousing game of "King's Questions", unaware that the magic waters through which you sail link the outcome of the game with the fate of your ship. Randomly generated, each game presents a different set of twelve questions. Click on your answer choice. If you are correct, you earn a point and move on to the next question. If you are incorrect, you have the option to try again; however, no points are awarded for second guesses. Your ship will move forward one space for each question answered, showing your progress toward Daventry. Click on the ship at any point in the game to see your score thus far. You will automatically receive your final score at the end of the game.