Leisure Suit Larry I: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Tech support

Original requirements:

- 8088 / 8086 or better CPU
- VGA/EGA/Tandy (16 colors) or CGA (4 colors) or Hercules (2 colors)
- 256KB RAM
- MS-DOS 2.11 or greater
- 1-1.5 MB Hard drive space
- Supports: Joystick, Hard Disk

DOSBox installer

Larry 1 (AGI) is best run under DOSBox. Find the DOSBox installer at the SierraHelp Pages. When running Larry 1 in DOSBox, it is best to change dosbox.conf to set "machine=tandy". There will be 3-channel Tandy music with a white noise channel. You can also get Tandy sound in Sierra's AGI games without having to emulate Tandy video mode if you run "sierra.com" with a "-t" after it.