Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls


Although the total score of Shivers 2 is supposedly 800,000 points, far more can in fact be achieved. A glitch in the game allows to look at the same inventory item over and over again, while points continue to be added. Therefore the score is not kept throughout the written walkthrough below.

Cyclone Motel lobby

Talk to Charles, the motel owner, and click twice on the note. Give money to pay for the room and get the change ($2.50).

Room 5

Turn on the radio and listen to all channels. Pick up the phone and press the green button. Then press 1 to check messages and 9 to save them. Notice that the girl ends her message with a number 1-9-18-8-3. She says they're at aunt Pearl's house, that "he" has Olivia, for you not to be the warrior because that's what "he" wants, and for you to just go back home and wait for them to get back somehow. Dial 555 6331 to find out the number doesn't exist. Notice the griffin on the wall? Keep that in mind for later in the game. Open the drawers to find out they're empty.

Open your suit case with your key and look at all the items in the case: the calendar (August 21: "Vacation time!"), the newspaper article (Battle of the Bands, introducing Trip Cyclone as the winner), the picture of the band, the postcard (indicating their van is not in the best condition), the Speedy Photo ticket, and both letters (talking about how secluded Cyclone is, that Dave works at the garage, some others work in the cafe, that 3 people went missing in the canyon that is said to be cursed, that a guy in a kachina mask is funding their equipment and hired a video/sound technician). Take the video tape.

Look at the video tape, click on the video player, and use the video tape on the player. Notice the number shown with each band member. From the newspaper article, you know their names: Dave, Wendy, Olivia, Lyle and Mike. The numbers in the video represent their names. The character "A" has number 5, "B" number 6 and so on, until Z, which is number 4. For example 1-9-18-8-3 forms the name "Wendy". You may want to write this code down on a paper so you can more easily translate their hidden words.

Exit the room and go to the motel lobby.

Motel lobby

Look at the missing person's poster (Ivan Spencer, a barber, last seen July 12). Read the plaque above the Indian vessel. You'll find ancient Indian burial items and remains in many buildings in Cyclone. Look at the items in the vending machine. Your change is $2.50 and the cheapest available item is the charger at $2.75, so you can't buy anything yet.

Go behind the reception counter, read the note of Pearl in cubicle 6 and call her at 555 6321 (apparently Wendy gave the wrong number in her earlier message: 555 6331). Check new messages (none, Charles apparently heard them all) and saved messages: his father Ivan tells about a certain Max having called him asking whether he wants a new barber chair and asks about the two ladies in the motel. The sheriff, Andy, left a message that outside authorities won't investigate Ivan's disappearance, that the footprint could have been Charles' and that his father probably left with those senior ladies from Phoenix. He also remarks that Charles is late with his monthly payment. The final message is from the minister, George, who says Babs is missing and asks if Charles has seen her with "that sinner" from room 6.

Read the letter on the counter: Empire Insurance is canceling Charles' policy, following the fire claim he filed on his CS Appliance Store. The facts didn't add up and foul play may have been involved. The letter is from Frank Talbot, independent insurance agent for Empire Insurance.

Check the drawers in the desk to find a bible in the closet. Read the highlighted paragraph and attached note: the appliance store indeed seems to have been set ablaze on purpose and somebody is blackmailing Charles Spencer with a piece of evidence, a matchbook drenched in gasoline left on the scene.

Open the other drawers to see a razor and find a pottery piece. Watch the television (before applying gum on it). You somehow end up outside the motel. A ghost appears and warns you the TV is cursed. Apparently there is some hypnosis thing going on, luring people to the canyon when they watch TV. Return to the motel lobby.

Take the gum from the counter and apply it on the TV. Watch all Trip Cyclone music videos. All of them contain a hint: "Alone Inside" (hint on how to open the angel's tomb in the cemetery), "Get a Grip" (hint on the loose tile under the window in the grocery store), "Candy Cane Dragon" (hint on the barber pole), "Spell It Out" (hint on bank's computer login and password), "Warm Place To Hide" (hint on the open-book icon), "Ianyi" (hint on the library book), "Was I Even There?" (hint on portrait frames) and "Move Without Thought" (hint on opening the front door of the bank).

Go outside and try going to the canyon without the Bahos. After receiving the warning from the ghost, return to the motel lobby. and press the bell on the counter to get the Bahos. Notice the symbol on the Jack-in-a-box. This is the symbol you'll have to look for in the canyon. Go to Devil's Mouth canyon (other side of the village, past the church and library).

Devil's Mouth Canyon

Find the petroglyph in the 3rd section, and solve it.

Proceed through the canyon go up the stairs and left. Click the wooden panel and skull to enter the kiva. Go to the altar and place the Bahos in the correct altar slot (the one with the same symbol). In the letter from Trip Cyclone, Wendy mentioned that Dave worked at the gas station, which is just beside the motel, so go there. On the way, the ghost will appear and say you have to "know your enemy".

Gusty's Gas Station

Look at the mummy and read the plaque beside it. Check the drawer with the chess board at the right wall and the note above it. Four chess pieces need to be found before we can do anything with it. Stick some gum on the television and watch it. There will be one more clip, "Know Your Enemy" (unlocked after the earlier scene with the ghost), which provides a hint on the car at the gas station and a hint on the door in the library. Look at the poster. Looks like Richard likes George's daughter, but not particularly George himself.

Listen to the new and saved phone messages. There is a new message from Stewart Warenski, complaining that the garage charged $600 while the only thing wrong was just a dirty air filter and that he will file a complaint with the police. There is a saved message from Theresa about wanting to visit the place in the canyon where her brother disappeared when he camped there with Richard. Then there's another call from Theresa saying how cool it is that Richard's parents left Cyclone. Another saved call is from Dave from the band, thanking Richard for the tools, but that somebody sabotaged the van, and that they will leave Cyclone in the evening, but can't find Olivia. The final call is from George, accusing Richard of being involved with his son's, daughter's and possibly even Bab's disappearance.

Look at the calendar in the bottom drawer. Try to open the top drawer. In the garage, set the air pressure to 230psi (as indicated in the Trip Cyclone video "Know Your Enemy") and use the other lever across the garage to lift the car. Get Dave's notebook from underneath the car and read it: it confirms what a lowlife George is, that he treats is daughter Theresa like a slave and that she steals money from the church donation box since her dad never gives a dime. It also states that Olivia made a chessboard drawing because Richard cheats. Get the copy of the church donation box key from the back of the notebook. Go to room 6 of the motel.

Room 6

This is Stewart Warensky's room. According to the band letter, this is the audio/video technician who was hired by the man in the kachina mask. Check the wallet and its content: a picture of his girlfriend Cathy, a California driver's license and a DVMAA membership card, expiring in 95. Check the broken television and pick up the crowbar. Check the torn picture of Olivia in the garbage bin. Looks like Stewart and Olivia had something going on that didn't end too well. Check the drawer and get the first chess piece.

Cyclone Cafe

This is where aunt Pearl works. She hired some of the band members. Look at the pictures on the wall. The picture with the two women (Pearl and Norah) can be flipped around (as indicated in the Trip Cyclone video "Was I Even There") to find Olivia's sketch. Get the floppy from inside the menu on the counter. Notice that several items on the menu are scrapped out. The town must be out of supplies following the landslide. Get the flower from the counter. Notice the candle on the table. Look at the Indian pot and the plaque above it. Enter the kitchen in the back.

Get the blank piece of paper from the doll on the stove. Something is written on it, but we can't read it yet. Notice the rat poison. Get Pearl's house key which hangs next to the door. Go to the backroom and check Pearl's book and the note inside. She had difficulties to keep paying the band as customers no longer came. Check Burt's note, saying to trust no one and to look under his trailer for the key of his deposit box, should anything happen to him.

Get the saved phone messages. There was a call from George, accusing Pearl's nephew, Lyle, of being responsible for Theresa's disappearance. Then there's a message from the mayor, Tad, to tell her nephews to stop the practical jokes as they warned him for "Darkcloud". The final message is from Phil Dunlop, asking what the kids, whom he picked up, were doing in the canyon and asking if one of her nephews could manage the store for a few hours because Tad called him for a council meeting.

Open the right drawer and check the pictures in the envelope: two human corpses and two strange pictures of a woman. Open the left drawer and look at the Desert Satellite offer. Give them a call (555 6000). Now head to Pearl's house (exit, go right and to the high house just ahead).

Pearl's house

Unlock the front door with the key and enter. Enter the kitchen and read Wendy's diary, which is in the oven. you'll learn many things here, including that Darkcloud (the man with the Kachina mask) is trying to lure the people into the canyon with their videos and that he has special powers. They managed to record an Indian code that calls for a spirit in the kiva.

Go into the bedroom and look the picture (Mike, Lyle and parents) and letter from their mom to Pearl in the bottom drawer. Take the second chess piece from the toucan's mouth. Go to the basement and take the tape recorder from the blue suitcase. It's missing a tape and batteries. Look at the picture of Lyle and Theresa on the table. Click on the big green bat and solve the bat puzzle.

Get the Bahos, head for the canyon, find the petroglyph in the 3rd section, and solve it.

Head for the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. Now go to the community church


Unlock the donation box with the copy of the key and look at the paper inside: a note to George with a quarter and some strange markings on it. Go to the backroom and notice the shoes on the floor, size 12. Listen to and save phone messages. There is a call from Richard apologizing for her brother's disappearance and inviting her to go to the canyon to show the place where it happened. Richard also says his parents disappeared, "mid-life crisis or something". This explains the returned calls from Theresa to the gas station. there is also a call from Charles, warning George after he talked Ivan into giving his silver collection to the church. There is also a call from Burt, saying he has information for cash, and that George's last check bounced. There is also a call from Pearl, denouncing George's accusation that her nephew Lyle ran of with his daughter and saying she ran away from George himself. She ads that everybody knows he's cheating with the Bingo machine. Then there was a call from Tad, retorting to a threat from George and saying that he found irregularities in the books.

Check the drawers to find dynamite, a blue book with account transactions, and the second pottery piece. Look at the family poster on the wall.Solve the bingo puzzle. Click the balls in the following sequence: 6, 3, 8, 6, 5, 7, 3, 5, 7, 2, 1, 4, 6, 7. Get the Bahos head for the canyon, find the petroglyph in the 2nd section, and solve it.

Go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. Go to the library/museum.


Get the third chess piece from the card catalog. Go on the right upper deck and find and read the book on "Symbols and Masks", as well as the book written by Hubert Windlenot (from Shivers 1). Read the newspapers on the floor and the table. there is an article about Charles and the fire of his appliance store and about the bank shortening hours as the result of a recent robbery. there is also an article, dated August 22 1992, about the death of Norah Hickson in a car accident that involved the 4 councilmen of Cyclone. On the same page is a news line about Jason Dunlop taking over management of the gas station from his father, Phil.

Look at the indian remains on the wall and the miniature map of Cyclone in the glass case. Return downstairs, go to the far left of the library, and get the book from the middle section. After the book case tipping over, pick up and read the book about Ianyi. Go to the backdoor and observe the shapes on the lock. Insert the two shapes you currently have. Notice that the lock underneath has the same pattern as the drawing in the church donation box. We can't enter yet, so go to the far right and look through the hole to see the room where the councilmen have their meetings. Go to the sheriff's department.

Sheriff's department

Look at the "wanted" poster and the message of the phone company that long distance calls will be unavailable from August 18 til August 27. Notice the long-distance radio is destroyed. Check the accident file in the file cabinet. It claims the killed driver, Norah Hickson Wharton, was likely intoxicated and the councilmen were not. Check the 2 "missing" files on the table and the evidence attached to it. Size 12 foot print. That's like the shoes in George's office. But then again, Andrew also told Charles that it could be his footprint, so...

Check out the saved messages: there's a call from Phil, telling Andrew to solve the issue of the blocked road. there is also a call from Stewart who files charges against Phil Dunlop as the result of him being overcharged to have his car fixed.

Go into the left room, and find a key in the horn of the skull. Return to the desk, unlock the top drawer with the key and read the book inside. It reveals that Andrew is a dirty cop, taking money from the councilmen to keep quiet about them being intoxicated and causing the accident which killed Norah of the bakery. Look at the number on the cell lock, look up the page number in the book of Andrew and use the combination to unlock the cell door. Get the fourth and last chess piece. Look at Burt's signature on the wall, the magazine on the bed and the bucket on the floor.

Go back to the other small room and solve the card puzzle. This is a memory puzzle. Best way to solve this is to draw a 3x3 frame on a paper. Place the cards in climbing order: 2, 5, 6 in the first row, then 8, 10 and jack in the second row, and queen, king and ace on the third row. As the cards are being shifted, quickly write down on the frame which cards are swapped (use numbers 1 to 5 to keep track of the shifting order). then just use the frame to identify where the cards are.

Get the Bahos, go to the canyon, find the petroglyph in the 1st section, and solve it.

Head to the kiva and place the bahos in the right altar slot. then head for the bakery.


Solve the door puzzle to enter. Number the top two levers, from left to right, 1 and 2. Number the left-hand levers, from top to bottom, 3 and 4. Restart the puzzle by walking away and coming back until you have the circle parts next to the 2nd lever, next to the 3rd lever, with the other two at the very bottom left and farthest bottom right. So all the parts should be kind of at each separate corner of the puzzle. Now, move the levers this way: 3, 4, 2, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Look at the family picture on the wall. Check and save phone messages. There was a call from Max, Norah's widow, who says that, although he hasn't been in much contact with Keith since the funeral, he'll drop off a little memento when he gets in town next time. there is also a message from Pearl, asking if he's seen her nephews as they took her truck which was left at the canyon and haven't been seen since. She would also contact Charles at the motel. there's another call from Pearl asking where Keith is and being concerned about not being able to buy bread any more. Keith had clearly already disappeared at that point.

Get the music box from the counter and look at it. The ghost will appear, saying it's the music box Max gave her. The ghost is finally identified: it's Norah! Check the stone fish tablet in the sitting area. Go to the back of the bakery and check the bread storage, which is empty. Pull the handle of the other machine and solve the doughnut puzzle. Number the doughnuts from left to right 1-10. Move 4 to 1, 6 to 9, 8 to 3, 2 to 5 and 10 to 7. Get the bahos and head for the canyon. Find the petroglyph in the 2nd section, and solve it.

Go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. Now head for the barbershop.

Barber shop

Check the barber pole outside the shop and translate the message, using the code in Wendy's notebook. It translates to "Lyle's Cymbals". Solve the door puzzle the same way as the bakery door puzzle and enter.

Look at the bowl and read its plaque. Check and save the phone messages. There a call from his son Charles to wish his dad a happy birthday and to invite him over. He also invited Keith out of sympathy for the depressed man who lost both Norah and his wife. There is also a call from Max, saying he found an electric barber chair and asking if he'd be interested in it (hence Ivan's message to Charles about this). Then there's a message from either Mike or Lyle to say his breakfast is ready in the cafe since he's apparently not showing up there. There's also another call from Charles asking where he is, assuming his dad went out all night. Also Phil and Richard call him for a haircut appointment, wondering why he isn't answering his phone. Finally Darkcloud left a message, saying Ivan was the first to become a petroglyph (actually he wasn't first, Jason Dunlop was).

Check the barber tools on the same table, with the razor missing (which was in Charles' drawer in the motel). Notice the silver coin and button behind the shield. Ivan had a silver collection which his son, Charles, accused the minister of having stolen from his father. Look at the article about Charles joining the town council and at the picture of Ivan and Charles.

Click on the barber chair. Go to the sink, turn the tap and wait until a spider drops into the sink hole, then click on it and solve the spider puzzle (line color changes to keep a clear track).

Get the Bahos and go to the canyon. Find the petroglyph in the 2nd section, and solve it.

Go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. Go to the gas station and place the four chess pieces in the drawer to make some room in the inventory. then head for the store.


Look at the posters of missing people. Pick up the quarter next to the soda machine and combine it with your other coins. Now you have $2.75, enough for the batteries in the vending machine in the motel. Look at the stone tablet on the wall and read the plaque. Get the token under the lose tile under the window (as indicated in the Trip Cyclone video "Get a Grip"). Use the token on the soda machine, and press "desert soda" to obtain the decoder.

Check and save the phone messages. there is a call from Burt, saying Phil is late with his payment and that he has information about what happened to his son Jason, but that it would cost him money to hear it. There is also a call from Tad, calling Phil for an emergency council meeting in the library (hence Phil's call to Pearl to ask for one of her nephews to handle the store for a few hours). there is a return call from Pearl to thank Phil for picking up Dave and Wendy when their van broke down.

Look at the snake in the glass case. go to the other side of the store and notice the missing button on the coat in the closet. It raises the question whether Phil perhaps stole Ivan's silver collection.

Open the fridge and solve the egg puzzle (the little dots on the spaces are the number of moves you can make when you click on a space). Number the tray at the top, left to right 1 to 7. Upper left to Lower left A to G and jump the eggs this way:
1A-1D, 1D-2D, 2D-7D, 7D-7B, 7B-1B, 1B-3B, 3B-6B, 6B-6E, 6E-6G, 6G-3G, 3G-3D, 3D-3A, 3A-5A, 5A-5E, 5E-2E, 2E-7E, 7E-7G.

Get the Bahos and go to the canyon. Find the petroglyph in the 1st section, and solve it.

Go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. then return to the store.

With the snake gone, check the code in its terrarium (12x89#417). Type the code in the cash register to obtain the third pottery piece. go to the cemetery.


Read the tomb inscriptions. there is one of Nadine Talbot Hickson (Keith's wife, who died in 1993, one year after her daughter Norah died in the accident) and one of Peter Spencer (died in 1981). Go to the angel statue, place the flower in the pedestal and click on her toes from left to right (as hinted in the Trip Cyclone video"Alone Inside"). Look at the CD cover and take the bar with symbols on it. Go up the ladder into the tomb and solve the picture puzzle (following Olivia's drawing) to open the door to Norah's tomb below.

Check Norah's tomb below and then go to the warehouse.


Insert the bar with symbols in the door lock and set the symbols according to the CD cover to unlock it. Go to the stage below and get the tape from the cymbals of the drum. Enter the recording room and notice the destroyed equipment. Look into Olivia's notebook in the bag under the table. It shows how her crush for Stewart faded fast. Guess he eventually told her he already has a girlfriend. Notice the chessboard drawing with the numbers and letters beside it. This is what we need to solve the chessboard puzzle in the gas station. Look inside the driver's seat of the van.

Open the nearby wooden crate and solve the marble puzzle. You have to get all the marbles in their proper colored spaces, like all the blue in the blue spaces and do so in only 38 moves. Click the ball directly to its destination (not square by square). Number along the top, left to right, 1 through 7. And letters A through G down in the side, top to bottom.

6G-3G, 1F-1C, 2A-5A, 7F-7G, 7G-6G, 7B-7F, 6E-7E (free), 7E-7B, 2C-2D (free), 2D-1D, 1D-1F, 5D-5E, 5E-7E (free), 2B-2D (free), 3B-3C (free), 5B-2B, 2B-2A, 5F-5B, 5B-2B, 4C-4B, 3F-5F, 6F-6D, 6D-5D, 6C-6E, 3C-6C, 3D-3B, 2D-3D, 2E-2C, 4E-4F (free), 6E-1E, 6C-6F, 6B-6E, 6E-4E, 4B-6B, 5A-5B, 2C-6C, 2F-2C, 2C-4C, 4F-2F, 3G-3F, 1E-2E, 1C-2C, 7E-6E.

Get the Bahos and head for the canyon. Find the petroglyph in the 3rd section, and solve it.

Go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. When leaving the canyon, and asked by Norah who the enemy is, select the icon of the open book. go to the gas station.

Gas station

Look at the chess pieces to see their position and place them on the right places on the board, using Olivia's chessboard drawing. Darkcloud will call. Read the note and get the screwdriver. Pry open the top drawer of the desk with the screwdriver and get the empty gasoline can. Go outside and fill the gasoline tank at the pump. Then go to the motel lobby

Motel lobby

Buy the batteries from the vending machine. Insert the batteries and the tape in the tape recorder and play the tape. It's what calls the spirit in the kiva. Now go to the mines.


Pour the gasoline in the engine and switch the lever. Take the elevator down, take a left, go down the stairs and forward twice. Try going towards the human remains and Norah will warn you to stay away from this sacred place. Go through the tunnels and find the torch. Then go back to the elevator and go up. Get the Bahos and head for the canyon. Find the petroglyph in the 1st section, and solve it.

go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. Then go to Burt's trailer.

Burt's trailer

From outside, use the crowbar to pry open the plate which covers the box under Burt's trailer and get the first vault key. Enter the trailer and find a fake half of the Ianyi in the kitchen cupboard. Get the code grid from the recipe box in the cupboard. Read Mike's note to Burt next to the grocery bag. He asks to meet when Burt is out of jail to solve the petroglyph mystery. Check the picture and Norah's painting and get the matches. These are probably the matches found near the appliance store fire, so Burt witnessed how Charles started the fire himself. His phone call with information to George was probably to tell him about it. George then used this info to blackmail Charles with the note in the bible. Norah will appear and talk about Burt and her painting.

Read the letter under the paint can from Burt's cousin. Burt ordered a jar of holy sand. Go to the other side of the trailer and check the darts board (and try not to freak out). Light the torch with a match, open the wardrobe and shoe away the bees.

Solve the roling cube puzzle (flip them, so all cubes show the pictures on the opposite side with the central spot not being occupied). Get the Bahos and go to the canyon. Find the petroglyph in the 1st section, and solve it.

Go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. Then go to Cyclone Cafe

Cyclone cafe

Light the candle and use the blank paper on the flame to obtain a phone number (555 9547). go to the backroom and dial the number. Darkcloud will answer and say the next bahos is under the griffin. Remember the griffin? It's in your motel room, so go there, open the drawer, get the bahos and head for the canyon again. Find the petroglyph in the 2nd section, and solve it.

go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the correct altar slot. then go to the bank.

Safari Savings and loans

Open the door by clicking 3 series of numbers: series 1 must add up to 11 (8, 1 and 2), series 2 to 12 (7, 5 and 0) and series 3 to 13 (6,4 and 3).
Go right and solve the wall picture puzzle. Number the tiles from top to bottom, 1 through 6. U and D represent 'Up' and 'Down'. L and R represent 'Left' and 'Right'. Here's how to move the pieces: 5RU, 6URD, 5D, 4DD, 3DD, 1R, 2DDRUU, 3UUU, 4UUURD, 3DR

Get the hammer and use it on the pottery piece on the desk to get the final Bahos. go to the canyon, find the petroglyph in the 2nd section, and solve it.

Go to the kiva and put the Bahos in the final altar slot. go to the center of the kiva and use the tape recorder on the hole for the spirit to appear. Now return to the bank.

Safari Savings and Loans

Look at the portraits and count the animals: 1 tiger, 5 hyenas, 4 elephants, 3 impalas, 5 zebras. Use these numbers to open the wall safe behind the desk. Get the last pottery piece from the wall safe, read Burt's note and check the vault code book. With the final pottery piece in possession, we can open the meeting room door in the library, so go there.


Insert the 2 remaining pottery pieces in the locked door and use the drawing from the church donation box to open the door. Check the garbage bin, take the second safe box key from the floor, and notice the book and checks on the table. This must be the irregularities Tad found in the books. Check the peephole in the wall. Go back to the bank.

Safari Savings and Loans

Look at the code on the large vault door. Open the code book in the wall vault, go to the page number which is the same as the number on the vault door, and put Burt's decoder grid on it. Aim the zebra on the grid in the direction indicated by the second character of the vault code (for example "N" is "North". The direction the ears of the zebra point to is what you should use). Use the numbers, top to bottom, on the vault door to open it.

Use both vault keys to open locker 32B and take the tape and jar of sacred sand.It looks like Burt doesn't want this sand to fall into the hands of Darkcloud. Put the floppie into the computer on the desk. The username is "LYLE" and password is "AIVILO" ("Olivia" reversed" as indicated in the Trip Cyclone video "Spell it Out"). Read the message and write down the code. Translate the code with the decoder from the shop to obtain "DAY OF HER ACCIDENT REVERSED". Look in the garbage bin and put the note together again.

Looks like George was also trying to blackmail Tad concerning the bank robbery. Tad on the other hand was more successful in getting money from the insurance company than Charles was. Since Tad also had something on George he mockingly deposited a quarter in the church donation box. Look at the papers on the floor. Nice projected revenue from mining operations! Another article shows that Ivan Spencer's silver collection was known publicly. Go to motel room 5.

Room 5

Watch Burt's tape on the TV. It shows the council meeting. They couldn't convince Max to allow the mining operations in the canyon, despite offering a 25 percent stake. they wanted to kill him but it was Norah in the car, not Max. It was no accident, it was murder! As the plan failed, they all ended up broke. No wonder they were all trying to steal from each other and others. Burt must have received hush money with this evidence. He blackmailed all councilmen with it. Time to go to Max's cave.

Max's cave

Take the key from the strange stone in front of the door and unlock the gate. Open the door by setting the bars in the reverse order of Norah's day of death (8/22/1992 =>2991228). Look at the book shelf. Max rented all the books from the library as Wendy stated in her diary. go to the office area and look at the diplomas and pictures. Look at the stone pieces. Place the music box next to the computer, and click on the computer to type Norah's message "Stormy, I still love you". go to the cemetery.


Get the key from Norah's Mausoleum and return to Max's cave. Unlock the door with the key. Look at all the items and pictures and take the real half of the Ianyi stone. Head for the kiva.

Kiva entrance

The skull is destroyed, so you can't enter. That message on his computer and the music box peeved off Max, so you'll have to find another way to get to the kiva. Go to the mines.


Go down the elevator, through the tunnels and up the ladder. Click the icons for star, spider, breath and rain (see the book on masks for the symbols in the flashback menu). When you're in the kiva, play the tape over the hole in the ground and SAVE THE GAME! Put the holy sand in the carving on the ground. The game will now ask to insert CD 2.

Place the fake lanyi on the altar. When Dark Cloud bends down to speak to the spirit, grab the fake half and replace it with the real half (with white markings). Complete final puzzle quickly. Direct the beam of light through all the crystals.


Alternate endings

1) If you fail to solve the crystal puzzle in time
2) If you give the real Ianyi to Max
3) If you give the real Ianyi to Norah.