Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls


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Gas station entrance
Gas station
Mummy in the gas station
Mummy plaque
Gas station
Chess drawer
Empty chess board
Chessboard note
Gas station TV
Gas station
Gas station desk
The pastor isn't very liked here
Checking messages at the gas station
Calendar in the drawer
Gas station calendar
Gas station
Car in the garage
The garage
Pressure pump
Setting the pressure
Turning the elevator handle
Car is lifted
Something under the car
dave's notebook
Donation box key
Entering motel room 6
Room 6 is a mess
Room 6 is a mess
Stuart left his wallet
Stuart's wallet
Stewart's drivers license
Stewart's girlfriend
DVMAA card
church donation box key
Chess piece in Stewart's drawer
Crowbar on the floor
Something in the garbage bin
A ripped picture of Olivia
Smashed TV screen
Motel room 6
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