Ecoquest 1: The Search for Cetus

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Ecoquest 1: The Search for Cetus

Egg id: 380

Talking Heads and Marilyn Monroe

Look at the posters in Epidermis' apartment for references to the band The Talking Heads and Marilyn Monroe.

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Easter Eggs referring to Ecoquest 1: The Search for Cetus

Island of Dr. Brain (The) (Egg id: 397)

Ecoquest reference

At the flamingo lagoon, use the hand icon on the star fish for an EcoQuest reference.

Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Mystery (The) (Egg id: 407)

In Carrington's office look at the stars to find "the constellation of Cetus, and the star known as Deneb Kaitos Ecoquestus". you need to pinpoint the exact location here. This is a reference to Ecoquest: The Search for Cetus. This only works with the floppy version of the game.