Men of Valor

Tech support

Original game requirements

- Windows XP/2000/Me/98
- 1.3 GHz processor
- DirectX 9.0c compatible videocard with 64 MB RAM
- 256 MB RAM
- DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard
- 3 GB hard drive space
- Broadband/LAN, DSL or faster internet connection for online play
- 4x CD-ROM
- Keyboard and mouse

Men of Valor v1.2 patch

This patch updates Men of Valor to v1.2, and addresses many gameplay issues and bug reports:

- Controls are now grouped and sorted by function rather then alphabetically.
- Several rendering optimizations to improve frame rate and eliminate graphical artifacts during cinematic sequences.
- Several Unicode fixes for localized versions.
- Auto patching is now enabled.

Single Player
- Compass and health still visible during end cinematics has been resolved.
- Audio issues during the in-game movies on Audigy cards has been resolved.
- Player's are no longer able to fire their guns during intro cinematics.
- Dying while friendlies are being carried off in a fight will not longer result in broken objectives upon restart.
- Numerous AI & pathing issues resolved throughout many of the levels.
- Dying before first save point in the 3rd mission of Clearing the hamlet no longer results in a non-progression.
- Players respawning without a weapon in their hand resolved.
- Asterisks (*) are no longer valid in profile names.
- Mission fails with "Squad has been Killed" message despite squad not being killed resolved.
- Hodges no longer stands backwards when throwing the grenade at the bunker at the end of "Night fight on Hill 881N"

- Player's can no longer create a map hole by firing a rocket into the ground and jumping onto it.
- A listen server player will no longer get two "Cannot pick up xxxx" messages when trying to pickup an item they cannot use.
- Spamming the ESC key before choosing a character will no longer cause an invalid profile to be used.
- Hue House-to-House - Clients will once again see the tank explode in a multiplayer mission game.
- Grenade explosions & their sound effects now happen on the correct timetables.
- Precise aim will now activate once the player stops bandaging if they continue to hold the precise aim button down.
- Operation Starlite - NVA mortar shots now always count during multiplayer missions.
- Operation Starlite - NVA objectives now say how many mortar shots need to be fired.
- Operation Starlite - Fire is no longer inappropriately heard after first round of map if the US team wins.
- Frontline - Players can now see how many flags each side has.
- Clients are now able to cycle between all alive players in spectator mode.
- The final score screen is now displayed an additional 3 seconds.
- M79 and RPG7 will no longer make an explosion sound on a client machine if the projectile was never armed.
- Booby trap pickups are now correctly labeled.
- Suicide messages are once again broadcast when a player dies by fire or falls to his death.
- Hue House-to-House - Players no longer cast unusual shadows in the factory.
- Players now always spawn at the correct base when entering the game.
- Team kills are now broadcast in red text.
- In team based games, Communist players no longer set off booby traps placed by team members. In deathmatch, boobytraps cannot be set off by the person who placed them.
- Any class is now able to disarm booby traps. Classes with wire cutters will disarm the traps instantly, while classes without will take a few seconds.
- Mortars called in by red smoke grenades will now do significantly more damage.
- Team mate names now appear in Yellow if they have an objective piece. (In objective based games)
- USMC Tunnel Rat will now see enemy names in red.
- Player's out of respawns will now appear in red text on the score screen.
- The knife and Claymore can no longer be 'rapid-fired'.
- All of a player's previously placed boobytraps will now be destroyed when switching team

v1.2 patch(9.17 MB)

Men of Valor v1.3 patch

This official patch updates Men of Valor from v1.2 to v1.3. It contains updates that make the English version compatible with all international versions in multiplayer mode.
- TunnelRat's weapons are now listed correctly at end of second round.
- Countdown timers are now accurate on dedicated servers.
- Lighting effects for RPD have been corrected.
- Listen Server D3D crash fixed.
- Internet games can now be seen by client without having to enter into the filters menu.
- Players rarely not being able to respawn after dying resolved.

v1.3 patch(3.29 MB)