Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Tech support

Original game requirements

- MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.0 or greater
- 286 or better
- 2x CD-ROM (multimedia release only)
- 4 MB RAM
- 6 MB Hard drive space minimum
- Roland MT-32/LAPC-1/CM32-L, Ad-Lib, SoundBlaster, PS/1 or Game Blaster
- Mouse

Running Space Quest IV on modern operating systems

Space Quest IV, both the original and CD release, work perfectly fine in DOSBox. If you are not familiar with DOSBox, you can use this installer from the SierraHelp pages.

Space Quest 4 CD Version Comprehensive Update - by NewRisingSun

This update contains the following improvements for the CD-Rom version of SQ4:

- Floppy version graphics
- Symultanious speech and subtitles
- Corrected timing
- Various bug fixes
- Added room of "stuff removed for legal reasons" (no speech available).
- Readded removed Radio Shock products, ("Stunt Flyer" and "Dacron Danny")
- Adds priority information to sound resources.
- Orbs now emit sound during captive Script sequence.
- Removed volume change during speech output. If the music is too loud, lower the volume in the game's control panel.
- Fixed scrolling in the video driver.
The windows interpreter called "SCIWV" is neither included nor supported. Don't use previous saved games. Please note that this update replaces the need for the other patches.

Download update.

Speed problems

Keep getting shot by the sequel police on Xenon or during the Skate-O-Rama sequence? You keep getting killed by the cyborg in Xenon? Can't enter the time pod on Xenon without getting immediately shot? Sequel police landing too soon on Estros?

Apply the update of NewRisingSun (see above) or play the game in DOSBox.