High Voltage Software


High Voltage Software Inc., (HVS) is one of the few full service entertainment content providers left in the gaming industry. HVS is comprised of highly skilled specialists from such diverse fields as art, music, sound design, writing, and programming. HVS employs state of the art technology such as high-end graphics workstations and professional 3D content development tools including applications such as 3D Studio Max, Softimage, Maya, and Lightwave. Current projects within HVS include titles across multiple platforms, including Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and other next generation platforms.

Over the past 7 years HVS has had the honor to develop games for some of the industry's best publishers, including Vivendi Games, Microsoft, Acclaim, Atari Games, Midway, and Interplay. Their first project for Vivendi games was the Ground Control expansion: Dark Conspiracy. More notably, they also developed the first sequel to the Leisure Suit Larry series since Al Lowe's departure from Sierra On-Line. The title was much critized by the fans of the classic Leisure Suit Larry series and by Al Lowe himself.