Sher Alltucker


Secretary in Lomax's office and Paris flapper in Heart of China.


Earthsiege 2 (1996-01-01)

Theatrical Coordinator
Rama (1996-01-01)

US Video Production
Incredible Toon Machine (The) (1994-11-01)

Talent Casting
Metaltech: Earthsiege (1994-10-25)

Theatrical Production Coordinator
Metaltech: Battledrome (1994-01-01)

Voice Talent Coordinator
Voice Talent
Turbo Learning: Mega Math (1993-10-27)

Voice Casting
Space Quest V: The Next Mutation (1993-02-05)

Theatrical Coordinator
Heart of China (1991-01-01)

Theatrical Coordinator
Red Baron (1990-12-19)

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