King's Quest III: To Heir is Human


To access the debug mode in King's Quest III, press Alt+D (or type "rats ass", depending which version you play) while playing. Two information boxes will appear. Press Enter to get rid of them. Now type in the following:

GIMME GIMME: Gives you all items in the game
TP: Changes rooms
ROOM: Displays room number
SHOW VAR: Show variable
CHANGE VAR: Changes variable

NOTE: If you use the versions that came with the KQ collections, then only the TP and SHOW VAR cheats work.

Here are some cheats relating to the wizard. While in debug mode, type:

enchanter status: Where wizard is, when he'll return, etc.
do chore: To have your task done for you.
sleep enchanter: To put him to sleep.
bye bye enchanter: To kill him.