Troll's Tale


The evil troll has hidden all the treasures of Mark, the Dwarf King. Help King Mark find his treasures. You can't take a treasure if the troll is in the same picture as the treasure. To make the troll go away, you have to make the picture change (simply leave and re-enter the screen until the troll is no longer there).

The treasures are:
- pot of money
- gift
- gold brick
- shell
- necklace
- silver cup
- penny
- treasure chest
- bag of pennies
- fiddle
- dollar and cent
- candy sucker
- diamond ring
- box of jewels
- bag of gold
- flashlight

Each screen features up to three lines of commands - to move in a certain direction, to pick up a treasure, or other actions. Use the spacebar to toggle through the commands and press ENTER to execute the selected command.

You can also press "F" to see which treasures you have already found and how many are still missing. To enable or disable sound, press CTRL-S.

When you have found all 16 treasures, return to the dwarf in the cave.

Below is a map to help you. The screens with a yellow frame contain an item. In the screen with the 3 pots, the right pot holds the item. In the screen with the levers, the center lever takes you to the screen with the cart and gold bar. When you have retrieved all 16 items, go to the guard (the dwarf in the cave). Then go outside the cave with him and pull the troll's tail to complete the game.

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Here's one way to do it. Remember the troll appears at random. If he does on a screen that contains a treasure then simply exit and reenter the screen to make him disappear.

- Go south into the field.
- Go to the filed in the east.
- Read the writing on the bark. (it reads "go for the flashlight and be sure to read all of the signs along the way to the cave.")
- go to the field in the west.
- Take the flashlight. (1/16)
- Go to the mountains in the west.
- Read the tablet... Please!! (it reads "Trolls have taken my treasures. Signed Mark, the Dwarf King.")
- Go to a field near the cave.
- Read the sign! (it reads "The trolls have all of my treasures in an underground land. Help me! Signed Mark, the Dwarf King.")
- Go toward the cave. (you return at the starting point)
- Turn on flashlight and enter cave. (you find the guard - return to this screen once you've found all the treasures)
- Go to the tunnel in the west.
- Crawl into the cave to the north.
- Take the box of jewels. (2/16)
- Go through the tunnel in the east.
- Go to the east (right). (statue room)
- Take the diamond ring. (3/16)
- Go to the south.
- Go through the door to the east. (candy suckers)
- Take one of the suckers. (4/16)
- Go out through door on the left.
- Crawl down the hall to the west. (you return to the guard)
- Go to the tunnel in the north.
- Take the bag of gold. (5/16)
- Go through the cave to the south.
- Go to the tunnel in the west.
- Go through the door on the left.
- Go up the left stairs.
- Go down the road.
- Take the money. (6/16)
- Go back up the road.
- Go back to the stairs.
- Go up the center stairs.
- Go to the door. (troll's house)
- Go west along the wall.
- Take the bag of pennies. (7/16)
- Go east along the wall.
- Go north through the door.
- Look in the fireplace.
- Take the cup. (8/16)
- Go south through the door.
- Go east to the outside. (water well)
- Look down the well.
- Take the fiddle worth a fortune. (9/16)
- Climb up the rope.
- Go to the east. (two huts)
- Go into the hut on the right.
- Put your hand in the right pot. (you find a copper penny - 10/16)
(Note: middle pot takes you outside the two huts and left pot takes you to the tunnel to the left of the guard).
- Go into the fireplace at the left.
- Go to the left.
- Take the treasure chest. (11/16)
- Go out the back door.
- Go into the hole in the tree.
- Go up the path to the upper left.
- Take the necklace. (12/16)
- Go back down the path.
- Go down the path to the lower left. (globe)
- Go behind the globe. (nothing to see or do here)
- Quick. Go back around the globe.
- Enter the globe.
- Pull the middle lever (left lever takes you outside the globe, right lever takes you to the river).
- Take the gold brick. (13/16)
- Go through door to the west.
- Ride barrel through the opening.
- Take the pot of money. (14/16)
- (Optional: Wander west along the shore to see the trolls house. Then go east and see what is there.)
- Wander east along the shore.
- Take the silver shell. (15/16)
- Close your eyes and think tunnel.
(note: pulling the right ring takes you to the shore where the shell was. The left ring takes you to the globe)
- Go to the light in the north.
- Go into the house.
- Take the gift. (16/16)
- Go out the front door. (return to the guard, using the map above) - Leave the cave with the guard.
- Talk to the guard.
- Pull the troll's tail.