Resurrect The Schattenjaeger petition

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Date: 2020-01-26

Gabriel Knight 4: Resurrect the Shadowhunter

Resurrect the Shadowhunter is a petition targeted at Activision Blizzard, for a new chapter in the game trilogy.

Already signed, shared and supported by Robert Holmes, Cesar Bittar, Dave Gilbert and several others, this campaign was created to support Jane Jensen's efforts to discuss the IP with Activision. In a situation very similar to King's Quest saga, we are coming together as fans one more time to prove there is a demand for this game to be made. How would this work? In 2013, Activision licenced the rights of Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers to Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes. While it's highly unlikely Activision would sell or give the rights back completely, licencing the character is a real possibility, which has already been done once before. When the producer gets a licence to use a character, they're free to create a new game.

As fans of Gabriel Knight Mysteries, we urge Activision Blizzard to please either produce a fourth Gabriel Knight game written by Jane Jensen, or licence the character to Jane Jensen herself. As fans who've adored the work of Jensen since the beginning, we feel there is no better time than right now. Let this petition serve as our heartfelt appeal for a completed Gabriel Knight saga, and our fight for what we believe in.

Read more details and sign the petition here!
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