The Sierra Chest store (alpha release) launches!

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Date: 2015-04-25
Source: Sierra Chest

Hello Sierra fans, collectors, alums and game stores!

We're pleased to announce the Alpha release of the Sierra Chest store! Do you have games for sale on eBay or a personal games store and would like to promote the Sierra and/or Sierra-related items you have for sale? Would you like to sell some games to raise some cash but don't want the hassle of excessive fees and delays? Would you perhaps like to swap a game for another? Do you develop your own Sierra-related game and want the fans to have a direct link to purchase or download it from you? If your answer to any of those questions is "yes", then the Sierra Chest store is the right place for you! Click the "store" link in the main menu to access it.

Anybody can have their own store on the Sierra Chest, big or small, with physical items or (legal) digital downloads, listing it directly in the Sierra Chest or linking it to an external listing location. Buy-it-now, auction or swap, - it all goes and supports highly detailed selection by version, country, platform and other criteria!

Check it out and, if you like what you see, set up your own store and start listing! Right now there are not many items in it yet obviously, but I'm in touch which stores to fill it up with all sorts of goodies, and you can add yours too!

Here's what the Alpha store all does:

Alpha store features

Though it is the first release, the store already contains all features to get selling and swapping launched and going:
- click "display all " to display all listed items
- click "filter" to search store items by game, seller, digital/physical, location and listing type or a combination of search criteria.
- click "stores" to see which stores are listing items in the Sierra Chest store and select an individual store to see its details (description, homepage, shipping details, contact details, listed items,...)
- click "create store" to... create a store :) (to be automated in Sierra Chest 2)
- click "manage listings" to create, edit or end store listings (to be automated in Sierra Chest 2)
- when you're in a game page of the Sierra Chest and that game is available in the store, the store icon will also be displayed in the game page menu for instant access.

No fees!

- Alpha store listings are FOR FREE! That's right, free advertizing/listing, NO fees! However when Sierra Chest 2 launches, only Sierra Chest Patrons and supporting members will be able to list items - meaning it'll cost one buck per month to list items (Gold and Platinum Patrons have unlimited listing capacity). Of course being a Patron also includes more goodies, some of which are already active - you can already become a Patron and in the process support me for my work.

Further development

With the release of Sierra Chest 2: Legacy of the Half-Dome, the Sierra Chest store will come full circle with more features:
- site members/collectors can mark the game releases they wish to acquire and do so very specifically (by version, platform, country of release etc...) When the item they are looking for becomes listed in the store, the member will automatically receive a notification about it.
- As a result of members being able to mark which games releases they are looking for, store owners will be able to see which games are most in demand and consequently enhance their sales.
- Feedback and store ratings activated
- Creation of a store done on-site
- Creating/editing/ending of listings done on-site with a few clicks.

That's about it for now. Looking forward to promote your business and grow and diversify the store offers!

Game on!


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