Mixed-Up Fairy Tales is completed in the Sierra Chest

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Date: 2015-04-17
Source: Sierra Chest

Bookwyrm needs your help! His fairy tale book is all mixed-up. All the tales have lost their names and now nobody can read them any more. As you travel through the Land of Fairy Tales you'll find several of your beloved fairy tale characters, all of whom have problems as the creature Bookend is preventing their stories to end. Prince Silver is tied to a tree while Snow White is lost in woods, the Bremen Town Musicians have been split up, Jack lost his bag of Magic Beans, Cinderella lost her pumpkin, and Beauty's father can't find a rose. Even the fairy tale book itself disappears! You better find it, or you will never be able to return to your own world!

Mixed-Up Fairy Tales, designed by Lori Cole, is a spin-off of the Mixed-Up Mother Goose games. Designed for children ages 7 and up, the game enhances reading and orientation skills in a way that every child enjoys and features a simple interface. In addition, the music score features many of classic masterpieces, such as the Magic Flute of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Symphony Nr.9 of Beethoven. Mixed-Up Fairy Tales, which boasts beautifully hand-painted graphics and utilizes Sierra's SCI engine, was published both in a stand-alone box, as well as part of the Sierra Discovery Series. It was released separately with either EGA or VGA graphics with the EGA release being a rather rare collector's item.

See the game here.

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