Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out

Egg id: 145

Use the hand icon on the slightly lighter tile near the middle shower head of the men's showers to peek into the women's shower. This will also give you 1 point.

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Egg id: 146

Click on the record player in the aerobics class when Cavaricchi is not there, to pick and listen to any song of the Leisure Suit Larry 6 sound track.

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Egg id: 147

Dial the following numbers on Larry's phone in his hotel room:
- 911. They ask to leave a message.
- 976, followed by 4 random numbers (eg. 976 1234) to access La Costa Lotta's sex line.
- 18724## (lo-res) or 683-4468 (any): Mark "Ceeburp" (referring to Mark Seibert) answers the phone of Sierra On-Line while the song "Girl in the Tower" (jokingly called "Girl In The Shower") from King's Quest 6 plays in the background.
- 16659## (lo-res): Victor Sadauskas answers the phone.
- 23292##: Al Lowe answers
- 275####: William R. Shockley answers.
- 34555##: Dan Woolard answers.
- 47653##: The Sadauskas Residence answers
- 5695### (lo-res) or 49852## (hi-res): Chris Carr answers.
- 58704## (lo-res) or 40942## (any): Carlos Escobar answers. Same as the "Concierge's Desk", but with a greeting "You've reached the Fresno Insult Line" in lo-res, and "Carlos Insult Line" in hi-res.

TAGSMark Seibert, King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, Victor Sadauskas, Al Lowe, William (Bill) R. Shockley, Dan Woolard, Chris Carr, Carlos Escobar

Egg id: 16

Keep using the hand icon on Cav's blouse until she allows you to have a peek.

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Egg id: 314

Ken Williams as usual made a cameo. Here you find him floating in the pool at the bar.

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Egg id: 144

While on the toilet, let Larry check out the hotel brochure. Then make him use the handcreme on himself. He'll start masturbating, not realizing that more and more people are watching him. This is also a death scene but, as usual, you don't need a restore game to go back to the previous point.

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Egg id: 467
Knocking on the room doors in the main corridor results in a bunch of responses. Many of these responses use first names of the development team of the game:
Carlos Escobar: "Carlos, wake up! I'm not done yet!"
Russ Truelove: "Russ? Is that you? Did you bring the "protection?""
Ruben Huante: "Ruben! Get up! I think it's your roommate!"
Phy Williams: "Phy! Is that you, babe? Come on in! I think I'm as ready as I'm gonna get!"
Karin Nestor: "Karin, you animal! Stop it! I can't take any more!!!"
Chris Carr: "Chris, isn't there something else you could do since you're on your knees?"
Dan Woolard or Dan Kehler: "Dan! Dan! Oh, Dan! Oh, oh, oh. Oh, GOD!!"
Bill Skirvin: "Quick, Bil. Turn off the video camera. Your ex-wife's at the door!"
Victor Sadauskas: "Victor? Did you fall asleep again, honey? Victor??"
Donovan Skirvin: "Ohmagawd, Donovan! I thought that was just a tattoo!!"

TAGSCarlos Escobar, Russ Truelove, Ruben Huante, Phy Williams, Karin A. Young Nestor, Chris Carr, Dan Kehler, William D. Skirvin, Victor Sadauskas, Donovan Skirvin

Egg id: 468

When filling the oil lamp with cellulite from the drainage machine, there is a reference to Freddy Pharkas:
"Good idea, Larry! It's a well-known fact that early settlers of the Old West often substituted cellulite when they ran out of whale oil". "At least, that's what 'Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist' told me!"

TAGSFreddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

Egg id: 469

When in close-up view with Charlotte Donay, try to take her eye for a reference to composer Dan Kehler:
Charlotte (singing): "Take my eyes, I'll never use them..."
Larry (singing): "Take my..."
Larry: "Hey, wait a minute! Do we have the rights to this song?"
Charlotte: "I dunno. Did Dan Kehler write it?"

TAGSDan Kehler

Egg id: 470

In the hotel hallway that leads to the swimming pool, talk to the picture in the center for a reference to Leisure Suit Larry 4:
"Pardon me, Miss? Do you have a copy of the hintbook for Leisure Suit Larry 4?"

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Egg id: 471

In the blue's bar, "take" the stage for a reference to Freddy Pharkas.

TAGSFreddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

Egg id: 472

In Larry's room, hide behind the large plant on the left and then talk to it multiple times to hear various kinky sounds.

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Egg id: 473

In the right main corridor talk to the statue for Larry to ask if the statue is Al Lowe.


Egg id: 474

In front of the hotel, "use" the sky for a reference to Freddy Pharkas.

- Nobody in THIS game will tell you to "reach for the sky."
- You must be thinking of "FREDDY PHARKAS, FRONTIER PHARMACIST," the critically-acclaimed comedy Western game from Al Lowe and Sierra! Now available at finer software stores everywhere.
- (That was blatent commercialism!)

TAGSFreddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

Egg id: 475

At the wooden stairs that lead to the beach, look at the tree on the right for a reference to Bill Skirvin.

TAGSWilliam D. Skirvin

Egg id: 476

On the diving platform, take the ladder for a Freddy Pharkas reference.

TAGSFreddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

Egg id: 477

At the pool, take the second window from the left for a King's Quest 6 reference.

TAGSKing's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Egg id: 478

The song "Cell Block Love" is the story of Marie and Sonny Bonds of Police Quest 1.

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Egg id: 479

Carlos the Concierge, who does nothing but insult Larry when he calls him, is Carlos Escobar, senior programmer of the game. In the SVGA release he has a portrait resembling him, but the in the VGA release he doesn't.

TAGSCarlos Escobar

Egg id: 480

Mark the plumber has the first name and likeness of J. Mark Hood.

TAGSJ. Mark Hood

Egg id: 481

When knocking on Thunderbird's door, she answers with "Woolard's World of Leather? I'll be right there!". This is likely a reference to Dan Woolard who did QA for the game.

TAGSDan Woolard

Easter Eggs referring to Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out

Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams') (Egg id: 176)

Bob Thomkins has posters behind his desk which are taken from the Leisure Suit Larry 6 calendar.

Torin's Passage (Egg id: 262)

Behind the stage curtain in the theater in Tenebrous, you can hear several performances:
- Girl in the Tower from King's Quest VI
- the Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist theme
- the Leisure Suit Larry theme (which quickly ends with a cymbal crash and Al Lowe sputtering "B-b-b-but? Aww..." and a walk offstage)
- Cellblock Love from Leisure Suit Larry 6
- Consumite Furore, the Phantasmagoria title song
- The music from King Rupert's home in Escarpa.