Elixir Studios


Elixir Studios was a British game developer, based in London, founded by Demis Hassabis in 1998. Previously, he had worked with Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog Productions and Lionhead Studios, until he founded his own studio. As an independent developer, they created their own IP instead of licensing it from other companies. Elixir released two games: Republic: The Revolution (2003) and Evil Genius (2004). Both were highly original games, but this was not reflected in the sales numbers.

In April 2005, it was announced the company would cease all day-to-day operations. This followed the cancellation of development on a major project, Blue Vault, which had been underway for two years, due to "the current risk averse publishing climate". They had taken the project to various publishers, who were interested and even wanted to put a license like Men in Black on top of it, but in the end they could not get a publisher to bite. Another project, Dreams, was also cancelled and sold to another company.

In March 2006, Rebellion announced to have bought Elixir's IPs, including Evil Genius. Aamar Rana, Ian Harper and Chris Dawson went on to found mobile developer Shadow Light Games.