SpaceVenture Update 120: A look at the game box and more!

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Date: 2019-06-03

SpaceVenture Update 120: A look at the game box and more!

By: Two Guys From Andromeda

Hey everyone! We have some new stuff to show you all for SpaceVenture. First up, the artwork for the SpaceVenture game box is complete and we are going to be placing the order for them very soon. We are buying enough for all the backers that backed at a high enough level to receive one and some extra that will be sold in the Guys From Andromeda store. Those will go on sale once the game is out.

Mark got a reference box from the company that is printing them. Have a look below!

The back of the box was not complete when the reference box came, but here is a look at what the back will look like:

We put together some images of scenes that happen towards the end of the game for you all. Here is an image of Office Quicksilver after he has pulled Ace over.

Last time we showed you a Quicksilver video, we had "Bad to the Bone" playing in the background. We've created a parody of it for you all to check out. This is a video cutscene featuring our parody "Bad to the Chrome". Lyrics were written by Mark Crowe. The song was performed by Jason Charles Miller. Check out the interview with Jason below as well!

Some texts om the images below blurred due to plot spoilers.



If you've been living under an asteroid and haven't heard, Lori and Corey Cole(makers of the Quest for Glory series) have released their new game, "Hero U". If you haven't already checked it out, you should! It's getting great reviews!

Here are some links of interest: Hero U Website:
- Review on Metacritic
- YouTube video explaining "Why you should buy"

Thanks everyone!

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