Caesar II


It is the third century B.C. and the Roman Republic is in its infancy - a mere scattering of semi-autonomous city-states under the nominal leadership of the Roman Senate. Rome is destined to become a shining empire, embracing the whole of the Mediterranean world under a single government. But to fulfill this destiny, the EMpire needs leaders with courage, ambition, will, and vision. In Caesar II, you are the Governor of a Roman province. You answer to the Emperor himself, but you begin as a rather lowly public figure who may rise and fall in his favor. It is your goal to build, from the ground up, a thriving Roman province with a glorious capital city. If you can prove that you are up to the task, you will be promoted to the governorship of another, more challenging province. With increased success, your Imperial stature will rise. When you have successfully governed enough provinces and when you have excelled in expanding and glorifying the Empire, you will be granted the ultimate promotion: you will become Caesar, Emperor of Rome!

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