Turbo Learning: Mega Math


Math facts... building blocks to the much larger world of mathematics. It takes practice to build flash memory of basic math facts that we use every day. Practice, practice, practice. That is exactly what Mega Math is designed to do. With games that range from low-key to frantic, matching any mood or personality, it makes the practice of math facts fun, encouraging players to think faster and practice longer.

Partner up with Quarky or Quaysoo and take on the frantic high energy game Das Liquidator's Challenge, beat the Mind Masher of Dr. D. Vious, or challenge the Orffs at their own strategy board game Orff Strategy. When you've mastered the current set of mathematical facts, head over to Odessa to test your skills against the time limit. If successful, you'll earn a certificate which you can print out and move on to the next more difficult set.

Mega Math is designed to use the full potential of a computer's ability to remember, analyze information, create reports, and even talk to the player. To bring these human characteristics to life, Jeff Tunnell Productions created Dr. Krista, the intelligent talking teacher who records each player's progress, guides them with suggestions, and develops custom sets of equations to help individual players with their problem areas. Turbo Learning: Mega Math also includes a teacher's area where the player, parent or teacher can create his own sets, change the order of sets, or print out tests.

Mega Math is the second and last title of the Turbo Learning series and features the same characters as Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science. It was developed for the PC only and released as part of the Sierra Discovery Series.

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