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Date: 2018-09-28
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In the heart of Africa, the Mighty Spelling River has flooded its banks, threatening the tribes, plants and animals. The local people have turned to an old and magical wizard named Yobi for help. However, he is too old and Yobi needs your help. As Wali, Yobi's young protege, you must paddle upstream 100 miles on his raft to discover the cause of the flood.

Your mission is to step on lettered stones to spell a tricky spelling word. Along the way, you will meet animals, mud slides, fire gods, hot coals, boulders, and old all-terrain vehicles. Yobi will be at your side to make your spelling life easier with various tips and tricks. After correctly spelling the tricky spelling word, you will be challenged to a Spell Down along the river. For each correctly spelled word, you move upstream. For each incorrectly spelled word, you stand still. You continue your journey, meeting one tricky spelling word followed by a variety of Spell Down words until you reach the end of the river. At the end of the river... well, it's up to you to find out why the river is flooding.

The program is designed to help strengthen reading, spelling, and logic skills in children ages 7 to 10. Developed by Bright Star Technology, the game was first published by Bright Star Technology as "Basic Spelling Tricks". After the studio's acquisition by Sierra in 1992, it was then re-released as a Sierra Discovery Series title as "Yobi's Magic Spelling Tricks". It was later re-released once more in the Talking Tutor Series as "Spelling Jungle". Soon after, a sequel was released titled "Spelling Blizzard" - a game with the same concept but in an arctic setting and aimed at children ages 9 to 12.
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