Sierra Chest Easter Eggs upgraded

News ID: 439
Date: 2018-05-26
Source: Sierra Chest

The Sierra Chest Easter Eggs have been upgraded :).

Ok, so what did I do? As it was, all Easter Eggs of a game were all stored in a single bulk data field. The first thing I did was splitting up all Easter Eggs, so that each Easter Egg is stored individually and has its own ID number.

Then I created a new data table to store Easter Egg tags. For example I can now link the moose head Easter Egg in Larry 1, which refers to King's Quest 3, to King's Quest 3. What's the point of that? Simple: now, in addition to displaying Easter Eggs of a game in its game page, it also shows which OTHER games refer to the game. Eg. In the King's Quest 3 Easter Eggs page, it shows the Easter Eggs in King's Quest 3 AND the Easter Eggs in other games that refer to King's Quest 3. See here.

But wait, it gets better! Because why only tag games in Easter Eggs? Many Easter Eggs refer to people! Yep, you guessed it. In the biographies of the Sierra people, there is now a new menu item, titled "Easter Eggs". Click on it to display all the games' Easter Eggs referring to that person. Ever wanted to see what games have Ken Williams Easter Eggs? Well, here they are, all on one page.

Also game developers can be tagged, and then you get something like this.

For a complete overview, I have upgraded the main Easter Eggs page, accessible through the site's main menu, to display a list of all people that have Easter Eggs. See here.

And finally, here is one more advantage to this system of individual Easter Eggs and tagging. Now site members will also be able to upload Easter Eggs to the site themselves. That's the next thing to program.

Take care, Rudy
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