Sierra's Sneak Peeks 2 is completed in the Sierra Chest

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Date: 2018-02-18
Source: Sierra Chest

Sierra's Sneak Peeks 2 is a CD-ROM release, containing previews, trailers, screenshots and demos of recent and upcoming Sierra releases. It also contains video interviews with some of Sierra's legendary designers like Roberta Williams, Al Lowe, Jeff Tunnell, Jane Jensen and more.

In the main menu, you can choose between multiple categories: Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, Family Entertainment, Sports or Action/Arcade. Each category contains multiple new and upcoming titles, and each title offers various goodies such as trailers, feature slide shows, an interview and/or a demo. All in all 25 games are included, such as Phantasmagoria, King's Quest 7, Lode Runner, Football Pro 95, Outpost, The Incredible Machine 2, Earthsiege and many many more.

But that is not all. Sneak Peeks 2 also contains the complete catalog of Sierra titles available at the time, more than 70 titles, along with game descriptions, system requirements and images.

Released in late 94, Sierra Sneak Peeks 2 is the second CD-ROM release with Sierra previews and demos. Unlike its predecessor from the previous year that was built for DOS, Sneak Peeks 2 runs under windows and is built in Autodesk Animation Player. While its predecessor provided mostly descriptions and demos, Sneak Peeks 2 offered only a handful of playable demos, but added videos and feature slideshows with narration and music. No need to run it in Windows any more now - everything can now be viewed right here in the Sierra Chest, including the catalog.

Sierra's Sneak Peeks 2 was promoted in Sierra's 15th Anniversary catalog for the price of $5,95, but contained a $5 coupon on the purchase of any product featured in Sneak Peeks. The disk comes in a sleeve. It appears Sneak Peeks 2 was the last release of the Sneak Peeks series.

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