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Date: 2017-09-14
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Fayard Nichols is a business man whose company Quantum Unltd Laboratories has developed a revolutionary and highly secret chemical product. After narrowly escaping an assassination attempt while on a business trip in Paris, he mysteriously dies on his flight back to Miami. You, airline captain Doralice May, are the last person he managed to set his eyes upon, pleading you to deliver a vial containing the chemical to Jeffrey Miller, executive at the Q.U.L. headquarters. As you manage to set up a meeting with him, you find Jeffrey Miller... murdered. Your mission now is to try to deliver the sample to his son, Kenneth Miller. However, only few people know what he really looks like as he notoriously refuses to have his picture taken. Only one person ever managed to do so. Doralice must find him though as also his life may be in terrible danger. In addition she must also prevent of becoming a suspect herself of Jeffrey Miller's murder. Only her wits and seduction skills can get her out of this increasingly frustrating situation.

Fascination is one of Coktel Vision's soft-erotic adventure games published by their own distribution branch, Tomahawk, before Sierra acquired the French developer. Developed by Muriel Tramis of Gobliiins fame and originally released on floppy, it was later re-released on CD-ROM with voice actors and an enhanced soundtrack, although the CD-ROM version is very hard to find these days.
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