Hoyle 4: Classic Card Games is completed in the Sierra Chest

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Date: 2017-09-13
Source: Sierra Chest

Hoyle Volume 4: Classic Card Games is a compilation of eights card games, to play by yourself against computer opponents or together with friends or family. Like Hoyle 1 and Hoyle 3, this package offers gamers the chance to challenge many of Sierra's favorite characters, including new characters like Dr. Brain and Willy Beamish, as well as actual people, each with their own skill levels.

Included in Hoyle 4 are the following games:
- Crazy Eights: be the first player to play all of your cards, discarding cards of the same rank or suit, or by discarding an eight and picking a suit.
- Old Maid: Picking cards from your neighboring player and discard doubles. But beware there is only one old maid in the deck - avoid becoming the player holding the last card in your hands!
- Gin Rummy: Arrange the cards in your hand into groups of three or more cards of either the same rank or of the same suit in sequential order so that you can knock with less deadwood than your opponent.

- Cribbage: move your pegs around the track and reach the finish line before your opponent does so, accumulating as many points as possible during the play and showing of the hand.
- Bridge: Win at least as many tricks as you bid if you won the bidding auction, or prevent your opponents from making their bid if they won the bidding auction in this partnership game, new in Hoyle.
- Hearts: score fewer points than any other opponent by avoiding hearts and the Queen of Spades.
- Euchre: bid and win at least three of the five tricks or prevent your opponents from doing so in this partnership game, new in Hoyle.
- Klondike: Play as many cards as possible from the seven columns and stock pile into the foundations.

Hoyle 4, designed by Warren Schwader, is essentially a remake of 1989's Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 1 by the same designer, but upgraded with VGA graphics and with two extra titles to play: Bridge and Euchre. While it introduced new characters like Willy Beamish, Quarky, Dr. Brain and Adam Green, it would be the last time classic Sierra characters were used in a Hoyle title. The portraits of actual people are mostly Sierra employees, including Warren Schwader.

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