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Date: 2016-08-28
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Mr. Cool is a hot game that catches on like wildfire. You'll have a blast in the furnace, being cool as a cube, dodging fireballs and side-stepping springs. Mr. Cool will hop into the hearts of game players young and old alike.
Mr. Cool - he's so cool, he can make fireballs frosty. He's so quick, he can evade hazardous hot springs by hopping across hot plates in a heater. He's Mr. Cool, and he's the hottest new player on the pyro-pyramid.
Hot Springs - They're hot... too hot! They resent this uppity ice cube, Mr. Cool, invading their private pyro-playground. When they catch up with him they plan on giving him a "warm" reception.
Fireballs - Quick as a shot, they blaze on past. If one touches Mr. Cool, he will melt, fast! Hot shots from a fiery furnace, these guys are constantly cooking up new ways to cause trouble for our frigid friend.

In Mr. Cool, designed by Peter Oliphant in 1983, the player needs to change the colors of platforms to a designated color by jumping on them. With the playing field shaped as a pyramid, the player has enemies coming at him both horizontally and from the top down during 15 rounds of increasing difficulty. After one level of 15 rounds, the game repeats itself with increased speed. Peter, who loved the game Q*Bert, released by Atari in 1982, felt that it could use some improvements, and designed Mr. Cool as a result. Hence why it's often considered a clone, though it features several differences and is actually much harder to play. Mr. Cool was released for the Atari 400/800, Apple II, Commodore 64 and PC Booter.

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