King's Quest chapter 4 concept art

News ID: 331
Date: 2016-08-26
Source: Sierra Chest

After a fairly long period of silence since the release of chapter 3 of King's Quest, the Odd Gentlemen have provided a glimpse at what may be expected from chapter 4 with this concept art.

"Our social has been a bit quiet lately, we've been heads down, working hard creating magic for the final chapters. For now, check out this concept art for a character who stars in King's Quest Chapter 4. Hmm... Who might that be? Can't wait for you to see him in game. More exciting news soon."

King's Quest fans will immediately recognize the colors of the outfit as prince Alexander's, son of King Graham and Queen Valanice. But how will the Odd Gentlemen weave him into the story, given the classic King's Quest games? Will there be a reference to Alexander having been kidnapped as an infant by the wizard Manannan? Will his sister Rosella also make an appearance? Looking forward to further updates.

GAMES: King's Quest: The Complete Collection
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