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Date: 2015-11-09
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Pepper Pumpernickel is a young reporter and owner of her dog Lockjaw. When Crazy Uncle Fred moves in the house of her parents, she is curious what the man is doing in the attic behind locked doors. She discovers he built a "what-if" machine, capable of changing historic events and therefore the faith of the world. Uncle Fred first wants to test his machine on Founding Father and inventor Benjamin Franklin - changing his mindset into that of a 1968 hippy. In an attempt to stop Uncle Fred, Pepper and Lockjaw accidentally are sent back to Philadelphia in the year 1764. It turns out that Uncle Fred's actions have already affected Franklin, as well as the local population who do whatever Franklin tells them to. The corrupt General Prugh, governor of Philadelphia who rules with iron hand, takes full advantage of Franklin's mental weakness and applies illegal stamp taxes on the already-overtaxed colonials. To make matters even worse, Lockjaw is kidnapped by Ima, the spoiled daughter of the corrupt General. She is known to be extremely cruel to dogs. In order to save Lockjaw, Pepper will have to cure Ben Franklin, bring the people back to their senses, and expose the corrupt general.

Designed for children ages 8 and up, Pepper's Adventures in Time teaches American history, and particularly about the life of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. In addition to his contribution to American politics, Franklin was also an avid inventor, among many other things. To enhance the learning experience, the game includes a new feature, known as the Truth Detector. With it, the player can observe whether people and objects in the game are historically accurate. At the end of each of the six acts, the player is then presented with a quiz of five questions to see if he or she has discovered the historical facts within the act (the player is informed what exactly to look for in each act).
In the game you also play as two different characters, Pepper and her dog Lockjaw, each of which have their own icon bar with different possible actions.

The game was developed by Team Tribal Byte, a name apparently brought to life by the designers specifically for this game. Team Tribal Byte includes designer Lorelei Shannon, artists Jim Larsen, Terry Falls and Maria Fruehe, lead programmer Carlos Escobar, animator Tony Margioni, composer Neil Grandstaff and others. Before release, the game was originally titled "Twisty History". Only shortly before its release was the title changed to "Pepper's Adventures In Time". Sierra also publicized it as the first Sierra game to run both under DOS and Windows with 16-bit audio. It was only released in the packaging of the Sierra Bestseller Series. Although the game ending appears to hint at a sequel with Crazy Uncle Fred once again trying to zap Pepper to another time, a sequel was sadly never made.

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