The Chest's 7th Anniversary with lots of new music!

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Date: 2015-10-11
Source: Sierra Chest


Today the Sierra Chest celebrates its 7th Anniversary! Time sure goes fast! Once again a whole range of Sierra games has been covered into detail over the past year, including both Manhunter games, Mixed-Up Fairy Tales, Red Baron Arcade, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, Mixed-Up Mother Goose AGI, Space Quest 6, Police Quest 4, and more. I've also further upgraded the site with new features, such as the store and the virtual collection, both of which are still in beta, waiting for the Sierra Chest 2 release. Yes, I know - where is Sierra Chest 2? Is it still going to happen? The answer is YES, though there's been admittedly quite a delay in development. But rest assured: it IS coming! :).

I would like to thank a few people on this occasion. First off, a very big thank you to Britton Mathews who guided me with coding the site for the past 5 years or so and who recently even donated a new computer for the cause! I would also like to thank Brad Herbert, Brandon Klassen, Andrew Branscom, Eli Tomlinson, Josh Henry, Pascal Gnislew, Phoenix Online Studios, Guys From Andromeda LLC, Pinkerton Road, and many many others for their dedication to keep the Sierra spirit alive. A very big thank you also to the Sierra Chest Patrons and donors - thanks to you I have a bit of income each month and that definitely helps! (you can become a Patron from $1 per month here). And last but not least, of course thank you to all the fans and alums for continuing to follow and support the Sierra Chest!

Of course, as promised, I've also got a little surprise for you :). For the past couple of days I've been adding lots and lots of new music to the music player - over 250 songs (and as a result the music player now also contains over 2,500 songs in total!) The newly-added soundtracks are:
- Quest for Glory III
- Quest for Glory IV
- Lords of the Realm III
- Police Quest: SWAT
- Police Quest: SWAT 2
- Zeus: Master of Olympus
- Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
- Half-Life
- Half-Life: Opposing Force
- Half-Life Blue Shift

You can listen to them here (simply select the game from the drop-down box):

Well, that's it for now :). Got a whole bunch of things to do - still have to finalize the King's Quest Chapter 1 page, Pepper's Adventures in Time, and more. It never really ends actually, but that's the way I like it :).

Take care and I hope you enjoy the music!

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