Presage Software


Presage Software began business in 1986 in San Rafael, California, as a developer of software. During the decade that followed, the company gained expertise in all aspects of multimedia offering development, concept design, marketing and quality assurance testing. In addition, the company outsourced its team's talents in graphics and sound design to many of the big named companies of that era.

Possibly the company's most lucrative event took place in 1993 when they purchased the rights to Lode Runner. The games that followed were well received and profitable for the company. One of the divisions within Presage was Stepping Stone which was responsible for the development of edutainment titles, one of which was Chess Mates, the 30th title developed by Presage since its inception. The Presage Cross Platform Development System enabled them to efficiently develop products for DOS, Windows and Macintosh with shared resources. It was this and other proprietary technology that became attractive to other companies.

In 1999 Human Code, Inc. of Austin, Texas, acquired the company. It became the west coast studio for Human Code in San Rafael, California, and was named Presage Studio. Most of the Presage employees stayed with the studio.