Navy Seals


Picture taken by Michael Hutchison, who stated that:

"After SWAT2, our team started work on "Richard Marcinko's Navy SEALs," an Unreal Engine game that was part of a promising new lineup that included Babylon 5 and Middle Earth Online. It was cancelled when the Oakhurst studio was shut down, but had a brief resurrection when Codemasters acquired it and set up shop in town with many of the ex-Sierra team members. In the end, it was not meant to be, as Codemasters likewise cancelled production. Had it been completed, Navy SEALs would have predated the popular SOCOM series of games, and we were doing some novel things with the Unreal Engine at the time, including vehicle combat.

This poster was designed by yours truly, and hung in a press room during a trade show, shortly before the studio in Oakhurst was closed."