Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded: Update #5: Forums, new reward tier pricing, and T-shirts!!

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Date: 2012-04-09
Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/leisuresuitlarry/make-leisure-suit-larry-come-again/posts/203970

Hello there again, gang!!! Paul here to give you guys a quick update. First off I want to say WOW!!! You guys REALLY responded well to Al's video update. It really moved the needle in terms of the funding amount so guess what? Al is going to continue to make those updates! We heard you calling out to hear from Al and we're putting him front & center!! Josh has also agreed to do a video update and you may even see my mug up there soon enough too.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that thanks to one of our fans (HUGE shout out to Britton Mathews for working over Easter weekend to hook us up!), we were able to get the forums up and running over the weekend. Here's the link: forums.replaygamesinc.com. There you can post stuff that Al, Josh, Sabine, Leslie, and I can respond directly to. The Kickstarter comments section doesn't do a great job of letting us comment directly so we've opened up our own forums for you guys to check out. We've populated it with a couple of topics but feel free to let us know if we should add more forum topics in addition to the ones we have up there right now.

In addition, last night we updated the pricing on the reward tiers but I honestly don't see how we can go any lower on getting people in the game. I think at this price it's seriously a steal. I mean, Leisure Suit Larry is FAMOUS and this is your chance to be IN the actual game itself....FOREVER!! So, we hope some of you will take us up on those offers so we can hit the goal that much faster!!

A lot of you guys have been screaming out for T-Shirts for one of the reward tiers as well as a "Special Thanks" credit in the game. Well, we've listened and Josh & Al are hard at work creating a "Backer" T-shirt with Larry on it. See? We DO listen!!

Well, until the next update....

-Paul T.

p.s. did i say how awesome you guys are for backing us and believing in this project? No? Well....you guys are AWESOME for backing us and believing in this project. We all worked very hard to get the right to re-make Larry and you guys are making our dreams come true. Thank you VERY, VERY much!!!

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