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Date: 2012-03-12
Source: Sierra Chest

Castle of Dr. Brain is a critically acclaimed, brain-building game filled with off-beat humor and mind-boggling challenges. Your problem-solving skills will be stretched to the limit as you try to think your way through a gauntlet of science stumpers, mazes, logic problems, codes and math games on your quest to become Dr. Brain's assistant. If you succeed without blowing a mental fuse, you just might be as smart as you think you are.

- Novice, medium and expert skill levels, which are changeable during play.
- Unfinished games can be saved
- Mouse keyboard or joystick controls. No typing.
- Gorgeous, full-color animation and stereo soundtrack

Castle of Dr. Brain, designed by Corey Cole was the first edutational game of a successful Dr. Brain series. Its first sequel, introduced at the end of the game, is The Island of Dr. Brain. Castle of Dr. Brain uses VGA graphics and Sierra's SCI engine. It was also published as part of the Sierra Discoveries Series. The game was released for DOS, the Amiga and Macintosh.

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