Mixed-Up Mother Goose (Roberta Williams') (AGI)


Mixed-Up Mother Goose is an adventure game designed for children ages 4 and up. Over 44 delightful screens and many animated characters await your child as he or she becomes part of a fantasy come true. Eighteen of Mother Goose's most beloved rhymes are represented in beautiful 3-D graphics aand animation.

Your child must help Mother Goose complete her mixed-up rhymes by locating the 20 missing characters and objects and bringing them back to their rightful owners. Your child will find all of the missing items by traveling throughout the fantasy world of Mother Goose.

Creating a new character

When starting the game the opening screen will ask to type your name and to select the character of your choice. When you have done so, the game will automatically begin and the child will travel to Mother Goose Land.

When you have previously already created a character, the game will display the saved profiles and you can continue where you last left off. If the game restore window is on the screen and you would like to create a new character instead, press ESC (MS-DOS) to access the screen to create a new character. Up to 12 character profiles can be created.

Moving your character

To move your character around, you may use either a mouse, joystick or the cursor keys, depending on your machine. When using the cursor keys, hold down the key - the character will stop moving when you release the key.

To enter places in the game, such as the king's castle, walk up to the door and it will open automatically.

Getting/trading objects

When you approach an object that can be used to complete one of the rhymes, it will automatically be picked up. Your character can only carry one object at a time, which is displayed in the upper right box of the game screen. If you pick up an object while already carrying another object, the object you were carrying will be dropped on the spot and stay there (the only exception being if that object is a person being dropped inside a building - they will move to a random location on the map).

If you approach a person while carrying the object needed to complete the rhyme, you will automatically use that object, your inventory will be empty again, and you receive one point.

Communicating with other characters

To communicate with other characters, simply approach them and they will explain what item or location they are looking for. characters speak both in words and pictures, so children of all ages will understand.

Pull down menus

While in the game, press ESC (MS-DOS) to access the pull-down menu where you can select a number of options. First select a category and then move the cursor to one of the options within the category.

- Help (F1): display the help screen, listing various shortcuts.
- About MG: States that the game is designed by Roberta Williams

- Put away my game (F5): Save the game
- Begin where I left off (F7): Restores the most recently saved game.
- Begin a brand new game (F9): start a new game with the same character - it starts as you arrive in Mother Goose Land.
- Quit this game

- Sound on/off (F2): what's the fun of nursery rhymes if you can't hear them?
- Joystick (CTRL-J): to enable or disable the joystick

Chose between FASTEST, FAST, NORMAL or SLOW.