Sierra Video Catalogue 1989

Publication page ID: 277

This video catalog features:
- 0:48: The Colonel's Bequest: A Laura Bow Mystery
- 2:45: Codename: Iceman
- 4:11: Hero's Quest (featuring Corey Cole)
- 5:57: Manhunter 2: San Francisco
- 7:37: Conquests of Camelot
- 9:01: Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 1
- 10:11: Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon (featuring Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe at the Cinematron)

GAMES: Colonel's Bequest (the): A Laura Bow Mystery, Codename: Iceman, Quest for Glory 1 (EGA): So You Want To Be A Hero (a.k.a. Hero's Quest), Manhunter 2: San Francisco, Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail, Hoyle Official Book of Games: Volume 1, Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon
PEOPLE: Corey Cole, Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe
DEVELOPERS: No developers tagged