Wolf Muser


Wolf Muser is an actor from Esslingen - Oberesslingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. He moved to the United States at early age where he graduated from college at the UCLA in Los Angeles, California, in 1968. Mr. Muser has an acting career which started in 1975, spanning more than 3 decades. Among his long acting career are roles in TV series such as Matlock, MacGyver, Murder She Wrote, Walker Texas Ranger, The West Wing, Alias, Boston Legal, The Bold and the Beautiful and Desperate Housewives. You can see Wolf Muser's entire filmography here. Wolf Muser currently lives in Los Angeles.

Wolf also played a role in one of Sierra's FMV games, namely as Herr Doktor Klingmann in Gabriel Knight 2. Herr Doktor Klingmann is in charge of the mammal division at the zoo of Thalkirchen, Germany. He is specialized in animal behaviour, specifically the behaviour of wolves. When two European wolves go missing from the zoo just prior to a spree of vicious mutilations killings in and around Munich, the doktor appears to be most concerned. However when Gabriel finds a hunting license in the Doktor's pocket and discovers that Baron Vonn Zell, the majority owner of one of Munich's oldest banks, has introduced Klingmann to the Royal Bavarian Hunting Lounge, it appears that the doktor had been bribed into having the wolves kidnapped from his own zoo.

Gabriel Knight meets Doktor Klingmann (Wolf Muser) in Gabriel Knight 2.

Gabriel Knight confronts Doktor Klingmann with the missing wolf tags at the hunting loge. (at 7:00)


Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (1995-06-30)

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