Pamela Hayden


Hayden provides various voices on The Simpsons including Bart's unlucky best friend Milhouse Van Houten, teenage thug Jimbo Jones (with Nancy Cartwright as Kearney and Tress MacNeille as Dolph, though "The Telltale Head" had MacNeille as Jimbo Jones while Hayden voiced Dolph), Ned Flanders' first-born son Rod Flanders (Nancy Cartwright voices Todd Flanders), Chief Wiggum's wife and Ralph Wiggum's mother Sarah, Lois Pennycandy and Lisa's on-again, off-again friend Janey Powell. She also occasionally voices the character of Katrina (Shanks) Meltsner on the Focus on the Family radio drama Adventures in Odyssey. She is also the voice actress for Bianca from Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Douglas McNoggin on Lloyd in Space and Sublimity Jill/Daughter #2 in Party Wagon.


Simpsons: Hit & Run (The) (2003-09-16)

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