Codename: Iceman available on GOG

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Date: 2017-04-13

From Jim Walls, designer of two of the most exciting and realistic graphics adventure games ever written, comes a story as chillingly authentic as tomorrow's headlines. Action and intrigue combine with the latest in simulation technology to create a thrilling adventure. The scenario: a kidnapped U.S. ambassador and the only man who can save him - Codename: ICEMAN.

- Oil shortages, international politics and radical terrorists from the backdrop for a powerful story of world crisis, superpower conflict and high-tech escapades.
- Use authentic Naval intelligence charts to pilot a nuclear submarine into enemy territory in a race against time.
- Sierra's 3-D Adventure Game Format, enhanced graphics and sound capabilities add to your gaming enjoyment.
- Exciting original soundtrack and realistic sound effects bring new life to your gaming experience.
- Contains a realistic submarine simulator - the newest in simulation technology for a new kind of computer entertainment.

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