JOIN DATE: 2008-10-11
SIGNATURE: Sierra Chest creator, Sierra collector and curator
Greetings! I'm Rudy, the creator of this little corner on the internet also known as the Sierra Chest. Although this website started in 2008, my passion for gaming and particularly Sierra On-Line goes back many many years with my first gaming experience being around 1983, playing Pac-man and Space Invaders on an Atari one evening. I was hooked immediately.

My first Sierra experience however was King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, back in 1988 and, even though I played it on a monochrome screen and without soundcard, it was love at first sight. Even so, I never expected it to grow in the passion it has become today. Over the years I started collection Sierra games, then started researching everything about Sierra (which I still do to this day - there's a lot more about Sierra than meets the eye) and finally joined the Sierra community on the former Sierra forums (already during the Vivendi years), where I was assigned as moderator in 2006. At this point I was already compiling databases containing everything I could find about Sierra and playing with the idea to set up a web site about it. However my lack of knowledge on how to do this held me back from attempting it.

That all changed in 2008 when it was announced that Vivendi Games and Activision would merge, dropping the Sierra brand and closing the Sierra forums in the process. That was the impetus to start the web site that would become my life project: the Sierra Chest.

At first the Sierra Chest was little more than a database of game titles and little more information, but the larger it grew, the more it became clear that the space of 120MB I had available would not suffice. At the time of this writing, the Sierra Chest has grown into a nearly 100GB Sierra fan site with over 600 game titles, 2,000 people profiles, 1,500 videos, 16,000 screenshots and more. I guess you could say it slightly escalated...

In addition, with the rise of social media, I've established and maintained contact with many other fans, game developers and Sierra alumni. I've also been or still am involved in several other Sierra-related projects: I was admin of Ken and Roberta Williams' Sierra Gamers for several years, community manager for Jim Walls' Precinct, and some other projects. Whenever something relates to Sierra, you can be fairly sure I'm somewhat involved in one way or another.

My main thing of course remains the Sierra Chest, which at this point has turned into a full-time occupation. This site may already be fairly large, but it's not nearly done yet - the best is yet to come.

Welcome to my little corner on the internet :-).

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