2016-08-26 Murphy, Chicago, IL
  Every 5-8 yearsso I get the urge to go backreplay so many of these Sierra classics. I feel that I was at the perfect age 15-20 when a lot of these games came out so I enjoyed them to the fullestthey're in my heart forever. Such a great moment when you see something that takes you back to when you were 16 years old. Thanks to this site for giving me more fun things to seememories to enjoy!
2016-07-08 Renato, Brazil
  Greetings from Brazil. The website is absolutaly amazing. How many good memories spent playing Sierra games. PhantasmagoriaKing's Quest were my favorites. Congratulations on your amazing researchdedication to the memory of fans. Cheers, Renato
2016-04-04 ldrancer, usa
  yea swat 4 that game got screwed over by markmods they made a hackthey cried when you guys first came out with the game saying the main gun was too powerful. they complained about things, tehy called unfair. the gun was the smg45.. gun. the gun didnt do anything different than their gun did. they bitched so much you guys destroyed the gun,the game. then these same losers have been hacking in it ever sincenot even told anybodythey even think cheating is not doing anything, they make a hack by some loser from markmods that removes the edge of the screen being cut offbeing black, surrounding the gas mask. THis led to them constantly crying, the gask mask cheater wearers, of dont flash, while they smoked the entire board upkilled people. when i found out about this cheating i sort of left. went back to see what people thought of it,they just same as always big fuckign mouths claiming it isnt doing anything. please put out a big alert on these cheaters to draw them out of the gamedont turn it into CRAP
2015-12-31 Rudy, Slovenia
  Happy New Year on behalf of the Sierra Chest! Expect many more Sierra additions in 2016!
2015-05-30 Jan Zoodsma, Haarlem, the Netherlands
  Great site! Thank you for all the effort. As a 22 year old, I have little memory of Sierra as a company. My mother played Sierra games when I was youngerits because of her evening-hours playing sessions that I know Sierra. She loved the game ''Shivers'', perhaps one of the more lesser known Sierra-gems that are out there This point-and-click adventure-horror game had really spooky ambience musicsounds, which I would listen tobe a bit frightened of when I was lying in bed while she was playing it in the room next to me. After a while, I had the courage to sit on her lap while she was was the coolest thing ever, even though I had no clue about what was going on in the game. While I was getting older I eventually started to play it myself, even long after my mother lost interest. And I can still remember the exact moment when I finished the game for the first time, it was during my second year of high-school. I called my mom to show her the ''win'' screen, something she never even hoped to achieved. I remember being really proud, especially since she never realized that after all those years I still played that game. Couple of months later, we playedfinished the game together. That was the last time I played it,the last time I heard of Sierra... The nostalgia in this story may not be as grant as it is with most of you on here, especially considering words like ''grandchildren'' in some comments, but its there nonetheless! It was enough for me to spend hours on hours trying to find the copy of the game again after being re-kindled with the Sierra-spark through this site. Even the realization that it didnt matter because of compatibility issues would not dampen the spirit. Juveniles of today have answers to all; a Dos-emulator is being downloaded as I type,I cant wait to get back into the point-and-click adventure horror. Time to shiver! Keep up the good work! Thanks again. Jan
2015-01-01 Kyle Kennedy, Georgia
  First game I ever played was Mixed Up Mother Goose. I learned to typepartially to read sitting on my dad's lap playing King's Quest 2Space Quest 1. I was a huge fan of Sierraplayed everything I could get my hands on. I can't believe I hadn't stumbled across this site until now. This is easily my favorite Sierra fan siteI just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done to archive so many of my childhoodteenage memories.
2014-12-24 Carl Fullbright, M.D.,
  To Kim Bowdish. Kim, you maymay not remember me from your days at Cal Poly. Given that I have grandchildren who play your games, I see your name pop-up on-linetell the kids that "I once knew her." One of the lot is an extremely bright ten year old of course they are all bright named John who is into codingprogramming. I am looking for some advice as to how to point him in the right directioninquire if there are any summer programs in the Bay area for someone like him. At any rate I am happy to see you doing so well. Carl
2014-10-30 Ryan Cheng, Canada
  Hi there, My name is RyanI'm a content strategist at BroadbandTV which is a media tech company that helps content creators achieve their goals on YouTube. We have recently received a 36 million dollar investment from RTL Grouphave launched newexciting initiatives to benefit our partners. I would love to discuss this opportunity with yousee if there is synergy between your goalswhat we can offer you. If I have sparked your interestyou want to learn more, email me back at rcheng@bbtv.comwe can schedule a time on the calendar to chat this weeknext. Cheers, Ryan
2014-07-04 Eurika, Singapore
  My father used to play some of the old games from Sierra when I was little until I was in primary school. He had Lode Runner, The Dagger of Amon RaKing's Quest. I played those as well when I was old enoughI am so happy to have found this site. It brings back my old childhood memoriesmy dad's love for old school games like these.
2014-04-13 Rudy, Slovenia
  Jean, the Sierra Chest archives Sierra gameshistory. We are not a game developerwe don't own the IP.
2014-04-12 Jean Aziz, United Arab Emirates
  Why don't you develop a new lord of the realm ? its a wonderful game, shame not to develop a new one. I used to dream of this game when I was young, I used to play for 24 hours. Thanks
2014-04-07 L. , Portugal
  Great site, thanks for bringing back so many memories!
2014-04-05 Michael, Sydney, Australia
  Great site. Sierra has always been part of my life. Thanks for keeping this site up!
2013-11-17 bibenrilt, Papua New Guinea
  Yes you talent :
2013-10-14 Jeyve Maldonado, M{erida, Venezuela
  Gracias por este sitio... soy fan de los juegos de Sierra desde pequeña... Saludos
2013-05-12 Rudy, Slovenia
  King's Quest 4, Adlib. Ok, placed on the to-do list.
2013-05-11 Kevin, Florida
  Love this sitethe KQ series...wish you had the music from KQIV in Adlib format...that's how I remember it!
2013-02-19 Ragnarox, Hiigara
  Ahh, I see this website is still uprunning!the banners I did for the homeworld series are still there :p stay classy sierra chest!
2012-12-10 Michael C, Atlanta, GA
  I had a great time listening to the music from Kings QuestPhantasmagoria! Growing up, Roberta Williams was my hero! Thanks for sharing the memories!
2012-10-26 Keith, USA
  See the Games Arena interview with Chris Beatrice on "Medieval Mayor" which reveals more details about the game design:
2012-03-29 Dave Morrow, Central California
  Interesting site. Brings back memories. I worked at Sierra from 1990 -1992. I was the technical support supervisoralso managed Sierra's telcom, voicemail,1-900 Hint lines. If you ever called the hint line, you heard my voicethe voice of Ed Ferguson. I also designed some of the puzzles in Island of Dr. Brain. Good times! Dave
2012-03-05 António, Portugal
  Oh the memories...Amazing site, good work, thank you very much ! ; God bless you all
2012-02-05 Rudy, Slovenia
  Hi PeLlE. Thank you for the birthday wishes. The forums were removed long ago, but we're currently working on Sierra Chest version 2, which will contain many new features and bring the forums back as well.
2012-02-02 PeLlE, Germany
  Hey Rudy happy birthday! I see your site is still uprunning, good job! Just what happened to the forums?
2012-01-26 Rudy, Slovenia
  Thank you for that, alincarpetman. I am quite familiar with HeavenGamestheir coverage of the Impressions citybuilding games. It is indeed a great siteI strongly support the continuation of the series. Rudy Sierra Chest creator
2012-01-25 alincarpetman, New York, Usa
  Hello everyone, I have posted a thread in the Heavegames city building games forum that explores the possibilities of making new 2d3d city builder games. If you have an inputskills on such projects, feel free to add your thoughts in this topic: caesar3.heavengames.comcgi-bincaeforumscgidisplay.cgi?actionct&f1,7348,,365 Thanks for readingtake care.
2011-09-09 Chris , Los Angeles, Ca
  Great site. Nice to Sierra's still lives on. It was a great time to work in gamesI have some of my best memories when I was there. Thank you for providing this place for people to visit. -Chris Willis
2011-06-26 Rudy, Slovenia
  Thank you for pointing out, Cynthia. It has been corrected. Yes, I would like a picture. Also, feel free to add on Facebook. Over 100 Sierra alumni have joined there already.
2011-06-24 Cynthia, California
  IF you'd like a pic, I can send one. I'm listed in your "People" section twice, as I marriedchanged my name while working for Sierra. Cynthia L. Goff Cynthia L. Swafford
2011-03-13 Kiara, Earth
  Thanks for taking the time to upload this site! I appreciate it greatly. :
2010-12-25 Victor, USA
  Very nice site!
2010-12-11 Rudy, Slovenia
  Hi Zurfblu. Can't be that hard to reach me, can it? Long time no hear. Hope you are doing fine.
2010-12-10 Zurfblu, New England Coast
  Helo Rudy!!! I am trying to reach you. Please post something in response. Thanks Zurfmeister
2010-07-27 tretyoee, USA
  Very nice site!
2010-07-25 Rudy, Slovenia
  Hey Ragnarox! I took down the forums about half a year ago. The intention is to integrate them in the site itself. I can't put a timeframe on it though. Currently working on more game entries.
2010-07-23 Ragnarox, Outer space
  Hi!, good to see that the site is uprunning, wonder what happened to the forums?
2010-07-19 Maro, from three days ago
  Hey Rudi! Great, found it! Now it's a complete experience. THX a lot!
2010-07-17 Rudy, Slovenia
  @Maro: click on Games in the menu. Use the filters to find Larry 7 just select Leisure Suit Larry in the series selection. Click on Larry 7 to access its page. In the walkthrough section you can select Easter Eggs. That's where the video is. Glad to hear you like the site.
2010-07-16 Maro, Germany
  Hi! Great stuff, recording alls this playthroughs in a smooth way! I really enjoy this, makes me reminiscin' o' da ol' times. ; But tell me: Your YouTube vids of Larry 7 say that all the eastereggs can be found as vids? on your website here. But where? o0? THX!
2010-04-08 Andrew, Russia
  I lost my two Sierra catalogues many, many years ago,now, i finally found them on your great site! Thank you very much guys! Great work!
2009-10-14 Chris, Canada
  Happy Birthday, Sierra Chest! *flourish*
2009-10-13 Rudy Marchant, Slovenia
  Welcome to the Sierra Chest Guestbook! Thank you Bojan for setting this up ;-. And yes, Happy Birthday Sierra Chest. There's many more years to come! Rudy, site admin
2009-10-13 BojZ, Ljubljana
  Heya, Happy bday +-, SierraChest! B