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In the summer of 1992 Sierra combined mini arcade sequences, casino and board games that were originally included in various adventure and Hoyle games, and released these mini compilations as budget releases in blister cards under the title Crazy Nick's Software Picks.

Five such releases were made:

- King Graham's Board Game Challenge: this includes Checkers and Backgammon, and is originally part of Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 3: Great Board games.

- Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game Pack: this includes Ms. Astro Chicken and Monolith Burger Building (originally both arcade sequences in Space Quest 4), as well as Sand Skimmer (originally an arcade sequence in Space Quest 1 VGA remake)

- Leisure Suit Larry's Casino: not to be confused with 1998's Leisure Suit Larry's Casino, this Crazy Nick release contains Slot Machine and Blackjack (originally both mini games in Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA) and Poker (originally a mini game in Leisure Suit Larry 5).

- Parlor Games with Laura Bow: this includes Yacht and Dominoes, and is also originally part of Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 3: Great Board games.

- Robin Hood's Game of Skill and Chance: this includes Archery, Nine Men's Morris and Sticks, all small arcade and puzzle sequences originally included in Conquests of the Longbow.

All Nick's Picks releases work under DOS, comprise of a single 3.5" disk and have VGA graphics. When starting up each of the releases, a splash screen appears with selection buttons for the available games, as well as an 'exit' and 'About' button, which includes the game credits.

The same team of people put all five Nick's Picks budget releases together, but each release also lists the credits of the original game(s) design team(s).

Nick's Picks were directed by Bill Davis, produced by Tammy Dargan and Tony Caudill. The software supervisor was J. Mark Hood, lead programmer Thaddeus M. Pritchard, and Mike Brosius handled the quality assurance. There is also a special thanks to Randy MacNeill.

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