King's Quest 2015


1. The Magic Mirror
2. Arrival in Daventry
3. Entering the Tournament
4. Tournament round 1: Eye of a Hideous Beast
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Preparation

1. The Magic Mirror

Head for the water well and use it to look into it. Use the handle beside the well to lower the bucket and use the well to climb down the rope. At the bottom of the pit, look at the gold coins and at the mattress twice to enter the caves.

Head through the cave until you arrive at two switches. Look at the bed. Turn the left wheel for a death scene if you wish and the right wheel to open the door ahead. You arrive in a cave, stuffed with old furniture and beds hanging from stalactites. Use the bed: Napping on the Job Achievement. Proceed through the cave tunnel and across the hang bridge - you'll see the magic mirror and dragon below. Use the rope to climb up.

Follow the path and try the switch on the ledge - it misses a handle. Head back a bit and proceed north along the path until you arrive in a cave room that resembles a bedroom. Look at the book shelves. Use the handle which is attached to the bell with a rope to obtain the handle and hide under the bed before the dragon spots you. Notice that the dragon is missing its left eye - you'll learn later how he lost it. Return to the broken switch and use the handle from inventory on it - a bridge will drop. Cross the bridge. Notice the dragon is attached to a large switch with a chain. Pass the dragon along the ledge and go down the ladder.

You arrive in another tunnel with a spiked bed moving towards and away from you. Pass the spiked bed by using the alcoves on the left and right side of the tunnel. The dragon will wake up when you step on the bones, so quickly hide under the bed ahead. Proceed, sneaking between the next piles of bones and, when the bed drops from the ceiling, quickly hide in it again. Proceed and go directly to the dragon to get eaten by it: In the Mouth of Danger Achievement. You'll restore at the first pile of bones, so repeat the previous steps and go left up the ladder this time.

You'll arrive at another chasm with a switch on the opposite side. Go right and grab the bow from the fallen adventurer - you'll learn his identity later in the game. Shoot the switch to lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and you'll arrive at the bell. This is the dragon's feeding platform. Turn the switch and a large steak will be lowered on a platform towards the dragon on the right side of his lair. Turn the switch again and another steak will be lowered, this time on the left side of the dragon's lair. Ring the bell and the dragon will go there, and away from the magic mirror! Now use the switch again and climb the ladder to lower yourself near the mirror. Grab the mirror! (you can also go to the dragon as an alternate way to achieve the "In the Mouth of Danger Achievement").

ARCADE SEQUENCE: Run across the bridge without falling through the missing sections. You'll drop down on a mattress in a wild river. Shoot the ropes which hold the spiked beds and use the arrow keys as indicated to avoid obstacles (press directional keys repeatedly). When you're out of the river and face the dragon, run away from it, avoiding the collapsing beds.

Head back to the bottom of the water well. Once you arrive, the dragon will break through the cave wall - you'll have 3 options, resulting in different cut scenes:
- COMPASSION PATH: shoot the switch - the dragon will be set free.
- BRAVERY PATH: shoot the dragon in its remaining eye.
- WISDOM PATH: shoot the bell - the dragon will think it's being fed and turn away.

CUT SCENE: Old Graham finishes his story to his granddaughter Gwendolyn on how he retrieved the magic mirror and became King of Daventry. When asking why Graham chose the selected way of escaping the dragon, Graham replies:
- COMPASSION: Over the years Graham realized the dragon was not such a despicable beast, but just a caged animal, and he forgave him for his atrocious past. Gwendolym replies she's known as Gwendolyn the Popular to her stuffed bunnies.

CUT SCENE: Gwendolyn enters another room and:
- COMPASSION: Gwendolyn sneaks to the balcony door, opens it and shouts "You're free!". Her cousin, Gart, jumps out and roars.
Gwendolyn tells Gart she'll compete against him in tomorrow's fencing tournament.

CUT SCENE: Gwendolyn re-enters Graham's room. Talking about the fencing tournament, Graham tells there are many ways to win a duel - he has always been fond of (chose an option):
- a deft maneuver
- a quick-witted distraction
- an act of kindness, even in victory

Graham then commences his story on the tournament that made him become the knight of King Edward.

2. Arrival in Daventry

Young Graham arrives on his "steed", Triumph, near Daventry. Getting off Triumph, he falls down and rolls down a hill, separating him from his animal. Notice you have 5 coins in your inventory. Read the sign and go left. You'll notice Triumph out of reach at the top of the mountain. Now head east - you'll see the Parade of Knight Hopefuls passing by across the river, a day sooner than you thought. Try blowing the horn - it misses a mouth piece. (For fun, keep blowing the broken horn again and again until Old Graham says he won't comment any more.) Proceed following the trail until you arrive at a waterfall and river. Go left along the river and notice a tool box in the bird nest in the tree. Use the tree and the toolkit will fall out - get the small hatchet. Go right and cross the river, jumping from rock to rock. Notice the broken wheel. Continue down the path and you'll find the Merchant of Miracles.

When the Merchant is done rambling and asks if you have any questions, you can chose between:
- Could you repeat that?: he'll repeat everything in a nutshell
- no: no reply
Look at the unicorns (Mr. Fancycakes and Other One) and use the small hatchet on them until Graham gets eaten: Unicorn Snack Food Achievement. Go behind the cart and follow the path into the cave until you can't go further: A Secret Entrance Achievement. Return to the Merchant. You need to find a wheel to fix the merchant's car. Chop down the tree by the river with the hatchet, cross the river and proceed down the path. Check out the moving bushes if you like. When you get to the thornweeds that block the path to the water well, look at them, try the hatchet on them, then run into them: A Prickly Situation Achievement. Head through the forest until you arrive at Daventry's northern gate - it's locked. Climb across the wall, using the plants to the right.

The town is currently deserted as people attend the Parade. There are three buildings you can access, each of which has a large round object that can be used as a wheel:
- the blacksmith shop (to the left) has a round shield
- the bakery (to the right) has a large round stale bread
- the curiosity shop (up the stairs) has a round table top.
Each of the buildings also has a metal pan for tips. Chose any of the three items to replace the wheel and leave a tip (3 gold coins). You can also chose to not leave a tip or to leave a tip without taking a "wheel", all of which give different reactions when you talk to the proprietors later on. In any case, whether you leave a tip or not (you can only leave one), no need to worry about being short on coins. Go south to find out the southern entrance to Daventry is blocked by guards.

Head back to the merchant through the northern gate. You can chose to leave the gate opened or close it behind you for different scenes later on. On the way back, a shortcut will be opened by a Wedzelwolf. When you give the wheel (being the large bread, shield or table top) to the merchant, he'll fix his wagon and try to sell you an entrance ticket to the tournament without specifying the price. Chose:
- "Sounds good, I love a deal.": you buy it, but find out later that it's a fake, allowing you to reclaim your money from the merchant later in the game.
- "No thanks, not really interested": you are asked again.
* (accept)
* price still seems steep: the merchant offers again at half the price (which you still don't know)
+ accept
+ try to find a better price at the tournament itself: you don't buy the ticket
+ ask the price
In all scenarios except where you say you'll try to find a better price at the tournament, you will buy the ticket but find out later that it's a fake. If you didn't buy the ticket, the merchant will steal your money as you arrive at the tournament theater. In all cases, regardless if you left a donation in one of the shops and regardless whether you bought the entrance ticket or not, you end up having just one gold coin left in your inventory. Also in all cases the Merchant robbed you in one way or another, so you have some unfinished business with him.

3. Entering the Tournament

Graham must enter the arena which is across a chasm where the bridge mysteriously disappeared. Talk to a guard blocking the passage - they will not let you go past the rope. Go down and right to the river. Notice the rocks in the water, right of the partial river crossing - cross the river at the far right rock: Graham the Basilisk Achievement. Shake the tree - you'll notice bees in it. GO across the rocks in the river and intentionally fall in the water - the guards will abandon their post to save you. Once on shore, shake the tree again and the bees will attack the guards, permanently keeping them busy (guards will return to their post before you get there otherwise).

Return to the other knight hopefuls. Talk a bit with the other hopefuls, then try the horn - also misses a mouthpiece. Use the rope on the ground. One of the hopefuls will cross by shooting the rope across - however when Graham tries the same, his shot doesn't make it across. Next, use the hatchet on the tree - the fat hopeful will push it over, cross the chasm and kick the tree down, which then spans across the river below. Go to the tree log below and try to cross it: a third hopeful catches up with you, detaching the tree log. Use the hatchet on the tree log and then the rope on the raft to hold it together and finally cross yourself. You'll meet the last (and shortest) hopeful, Manny, who proposes to collaborate in the tournament. Try to climb the way Manny did - you fail. Climb up the plants to the left and enter the theater.

Graham missed the test of Chivalry as he was late. He needs to state the extenuating circumstances why he missed the test and parade in order to participate in a make-up chivalry test. Chose:
- "I didn't hear about the date change": the guard pencils in "hard of hearing"
- "I don't know what extenuating means": the guard pencils in "dim-witted"
- "My mom wouldn't let me leave before I finished breakfast": the guard pencils in "mommy's boy"
Whichever you selected, Graham starts his make-up Chivalry test. Graham needs to answer 4 questions about the other hopefuls correctly and may question them first. First talk to the fat knight to the right (Acorn), then to the knight in the middle (Whisper), then to the knight at the right (Achaka) and finally to Manny. Then talk once again with Acorn (to find out his pet's name) and Whisper (to learn his full name). Return to the guard and answer the questions:
- Who is the only knight that speaks multiple languages? Manny
- Which knight is from far outside Daventry and is favorite to win the competition? Achaka
- what is the full name of the fastest competitor? Sir Walter Harris Ignatius Sally Percival Eduardo Ramon Jr. the Third of Modesto.
- Who or what is the companion of the strongest competitor? Princess Madeline of Avalon

4. Tournament round 1: Eye of a Hideous Beast

4.1. Introduction

If you bought the entrance ticket from the Merchant of Miracles, you learn now that the merchant tricked you.

All hopefuls must bring the eye of a hideous beast to pass the round. When you leave the theater, a makeshift bridge is in place. Crossing it, you meet Amaya Blackstone, Daventry's blacksmith and handy-woman. She also has a machine she made herself, the Crumbler, which can lift, break or crumble anything, for the right price.

There are three paths you can follow to obtain the eye of a hideous beast, each of which requires a specific item from one of the stores in town at the price of one gold coin. Each of the store owners also represents that path and reacts differently on how Graham completes quests. Regardless of which path you selected when escaping the dragon in the beginning of the game, you can chose:
- COMPASSION PATH: Wente, the baker, represents compassion. If you buy the giant starshroom pie from him, you'll follow the compassion path. You'll try to obtain the eye of the Snarling Snarlac, but end up getting the help of a bridge troll. You'll need to provide some ingredients for the pie first.
- BRAVERY PATH: Amaya, the blacksmith, represents bravery. If you buy the gardening tool from her, you can follow the bravery path by obtaining the eye of the dragon.
- WISDOM PATH: Chester and Muriel, proprietors of the curiosities shop, represent wisdom. If you buy the lantern from them, you can trick the guards with a fake eye. You'll need to provide a pumpkin before purchasing the lantern first.

Before choosing a path however, we will first do some other tasks which can be done regardless of which path you pick.

4.2. Preparation

Olfie the bridge troll
Follow the path and check out the moving bush in which an animal seems to be hiding. Proceed and check out the broken wagon with pumpkins. Keep following the path north and east and cross the bridge. The bridge will stand up as you try to cross it! After the little climbing sequence (which you can't lose, even if you don't climb) you'll meet Olfie the bridge troll. Olfie doesn't like being stepped on and asks why he shouldn't eat you. Chose:
a) "Because... I'm a bridge troll too!" - Olfie asks Graham if he's not a bridge bandicoot.
a1) "Do you like the taste of Bandicoot?"
a2) "Where I come from, trolls and bandicoots are best friends."
a3) "Yup, I'm just a hideous bridge troll."
Regardless the choice, Olfie invites Graham to perform the Secret Dance of the Bridge Troll Guild. If you fail the dance, Olfie knows you're not a bridge troll and goes back to the first question. If you succeed the dance, Olfie will believe you're a bridge troll.
b) "I will return with better-tasting food." - Olfie concludes Graham is a goose (and keeps calling him Goosy throughout the game).
c) "Careful! I've slain many monsters before..." - Olfie asks Graham if he's sure he wants to threaten him.
c1) "Back away, hideous beast!" - Olfie asks if he's really really sure.
c1a) "Yes! This is my threatening face!" - Graham takes a weak arrow shot and Olfie calls him a honey bee (note that the same happens when Graham's bow skills are upgraded).
c1b) "Nope, I'm sorry." - return to first question
c2) "Nope" - return to first question.

Olfie asks what you want from him - select all answers. You learn that Snarling Snarlax is in the bushes behind Olfie who's flaming eye would qualify for the tournament. You also learn that the Bridge Troll Guild is on strike because they've been stepped on too many times by the pointy shoes of the guards, which is why the bridge trolls also removed the mouthpieces of the summoning horns. Olfie will help Graham if he brings him a sweet snack.

South of Daventry
Go back south and take the path left at the broken cart. Try to get the pumpkin - squirrels prevent you from taking it. Go further left and talk to the guard picking fruit. Go south and keep blowing on the horn: Horn Blower Achievement. Go south. Whisper is here, trying to find a hideous beast. Try to catch a frog repeatedly until you receive the Froggy Throat Achievement. Go north and enter Daventry. You'll see a cut scene of a squirrel running away from a badger (hint on how to obtain the pumpkin). As you enter Daventry, you are notififed that you have just one gold coin at your disposal.
If you previously left the northern gate of Daventry opened, there will be two Wedzelwolves fighting over a steak - Amaya then chases them out with a blue-flame lantern. Amaya is the head of the Wedzelwolf Watch Program - Graham can get a Wedzelpatch if he helps keeping the northern gate closed - do so to earn the Helping Hat Achievement at the end of the game.
If you previously kept the northern gate closed, then Amaya is at her store, the blacksmith.

If you previously took the shield and left a tip, Amaya is happy she sold a shield without even being around - money always puts her in a good mood.
If you previously took the shield without leaving a tip, the door will be locked. Amaya will open it and tell about the theft, asking if Graham saw somebody in town with it. If Graham says "no" or blames it on the guard, Amaya pretends to believe him, leave her door locked throughout the game and at the very end reveal she knew it was him. If Graham confesses he took it, Amaya forgives him and the door will be unlocked again.
If you previously left a tip without taking anything, Amaya thinks somebody left it in appreciation for the Wetzel Watch Program.

Look at the Crumbler (you learn it costs 50 gold coins for a work order, which you can place on any object for the crumbler to lift, chop or crumble). Look at the work order, the twisty dagger on the anvil and the object on the left wall. Talk to Amaya about all subjects. You learn that her bed was stolen while she was sleeping in it. You also learn that the object on the wall is a gardening tool which is for sale for one gold coin.

If you previously kept Daventry's northern gate closed, then Amaya will now also tell you about the Wedzel Watch program.
If you give Amaya a gold coin without asking what the object on the wall is she'll say how bold Graham is and ask for confirmation. If you confirm, she'll sell the gardening tool.

If you took the bread and left a tip, Wente is happy about having done business without even being in the bakery.
If you took the bread and didn't leave a tip,...
If you left a tip without taking anything,...

Look at the free samples to the right of the counter, at the custard pie in the counter and the large plate at the left. Talk to Wente about all subjects. You learn he's making Grandma's Starshroom Pie but needs starberries and sugarshrooms to complete it - Graham can then buy it for one gold coin. You also learn that you can get free Walnut Strudel if you bring Bitterroot. If you give Wente a gold coin without having provided the pie's ingredients, he'll tell to bring those first.

Curiosity shop
If you took the table top and left a tip,...
If you took the table top and didn-t leave a tip, Muriel will ask if you saw anybody in town with it. Chose:
- "I apologize, I took your table"
- "Nope"
- "The Merchant stole it." - they pretend to believe you and leave the door locked through the game, revealing at the end that they knew all along.
- If you left a tip without taking anything,...

Notice the broken candle and bird bombs on the table. Talk to them and ask all questions. You learn they have no eyes of a hideous beast in stock. You also learn they're working on a teeth-whitening potion though for now it turns things purple and Graham can use the incomplete potion free of charge. Graham can buy the candle for one gold coin if he brings an object to house it in.

East Daventry
Leave Daventry through the south and head west to King Edward's statue. Look at the concealed tournament board, get the small bell from the ground and look at the statue. Go north east and check the large boulder - it doesn't budge. Try to get the steak - a trap springs. Use the rope at the tree to get the steak. Fall in the trap, get the sugarshrooms and use the ladder to climb out. Go further east and read the board. Follow the upper path. Enter the cave to the left for a death scene. Look at Acorn several times and notice the colored strings behind him - he's building a trap to catch a Wedzelwolf and take its eye. Go further east to the chasm and use the rope - Graham is still too weak to shoot it across. Return to the main path and continue east, reading the two next boards and going west at the second board. You arrive at a picnic table. Look at the table and read the note - it's a wedding proposal. At this point the guard picking fruit will disappear, leaving behind the fruit picker. Return to the main road and proceed until you arrive at the Floating Island, which unfortunately is inaccessible.

Saving a picnic
Return to Daventry and pass through the northern gate.

From now on if you want the Wedzel Watch program patch, then always close the door behind you. If you don't, the wolves will appear in town (again) and Amaya will inform you that you failed the Wedzel Watch program, and you won't get the Helping Hat Achievement either.

Go through the shortcut and use the steak on the moving bush: Misteak Achievement. Pass through Daventry and head for the guard picking fruit - the man left (if he didn't, then you didn't go to the picnic area yet), so take the fruit picker. Return to the moving bush near the tournament theater. Use the steak on it to get the nasty badger. Return to the curiosity shop and use the badger on the unfinished teeth-whitening potion to turn him purple. Return to the picnic table and shake the tree - star berries and the bee hive will fall from the tree. Use the purple badger on the bee hive: Purple Badger Don't Care Achievement. Use the fruit picker on the bee hive to remove it and save the picnic.

If you don't remove the beehive from the table, the picnic will be ruined and you'll meet Wente later on with bee stings all over his face. You'll also not earn the Helping Hat Achievement.
Instead of shaking the tree, you can also use the fruit picker to pick the starberries and/or beehive (so it doesn't drop on the table). However, if you use the fruitpicker on the beehive in the tree, Graham will immediately throw it away, making it impossible to earn the Purple Badger Don't Care Achievement. The picnic will still be successful if you only pick the starberries with the fruit picker and leave the beehive hanging in the tree.

Final preparations
Go to the pumpkin field, use the badger (the regular or purple one, though if you use the regular one then you can't earn the Purple Badger Don't Care Achievement any more) on the pumpkin and get the pumpkin. Bring the pumpkin to the curiosities shop to complete the blue-light lantern. Return to the bakery and give the baker both the starberries and sugarshrooms to complete the starshroom pie.

At this point you can buy any of the three items from the stores. Whichever path you chose, you'll get the gold coin back on the path itself, enabling you to purchase the next item. Eventually all three items will need to be purchased, but the way you complete the first round of the tournament defines your main path.
COMPASSION PATH: buy the starshroom pie at the bakery
BRAVERY PATH: buy the garden tool at the blacksmith
WISODM PATH: buy the lantern in the curiosities shop

Compassion path: Starshroom pie - Eye of the Snarling Snarlac

At the bakery, buy the starshroom pie. Go to Olfie the bridge troll and give him the pie. Olfie will give you his horn's mouthpiece, so you can call him at any time and cross. As Olfie gets the eyes of the Snarling Snarlac for you, Whisper will run off with them, leaving Graham empty-handed. Olfie then proposes a plan. When the time has come for the hopefuls to present their eyes, Graham asks for some more time and leaves the theater. Use Olfie's horn mouthpiece on the horn outside the theater - Olfie will arrive, grab one of the guards and threateningly ask if he is hideous enough. The scared guard agrees and Graham passes the first tournament round.

Bravery path: Gardening tool - Eye of the Dragon

At the blacksmith, buy the gardening tool. Go to the water well and use the gardening tool on the thornweeds. You see Achaka descending into the well. Descend after him.
If you have come to the well to find Achaka, who wasn't present at the presentation of the eyes, then Achaka is already down in the well.

Follow the cave until you arrive at the two switches. You can turn the left switch for a slightly different death scene (Graham gets hit by a boulder rather than a bed). Turn the right switch and Achaka appears.

If you have come to the well to find Achaka, Graham will ask him to sign his portrait.

Follow Achaka through the doorway, but do NOT follow him down. Instead continue through the tunnel and keep following the tunnel, ignoring when old Graham urges you to go back. Keep going until you arrive at a dead-end and keep standing there until Graham dances - Dead-End Dancer Achievement. Graham will then automatically follow Achaka down. If you want to skip the dead-end dancer achievement, you can immediately follow Achaka by using the chair. You arrive in a room with pillars sticking out of a chasm. Achaka takes the lead and jumps from pillar to pillar. Then it's your turn - aim for a pillar without jumping and listen to what Achaka says. If Achaka says "Stalama" then it's a weak pillar and when he says "Affa Nata" it's a sturdy pillar and you can take the jump. Follow him through the first two screens as such. In the third screen of pillars, Achaka will no longer say which jumps to make - just remember his jumps and repeat the pattern (and be careful for those swinging objects!).

You arrive at the dragon - it has both its eyes and breaths fire (remember this is taking place before Graham became a knight and recovered the mirror). Achaka will keep the animal occupied while Graham proceeds on foot.
ARCADE: Follow the path, avoiding the dragon's fire, and hopping from rock to rock. When you join with Achaka again, run away from the dragon. Graham and Achaka will fall into a deep chasm and into a locked cave section. To free Graham from the cage, answer "Stalama" when Achaka wants to turn the right lever, then "Affa Nata" at the left lever and finally "Affa Nata" at the right lever. Achaka is too big to fit through the small door, but Graham fits through. Go through the small door and use the door from the other side three times - Opening Knight Achievement.

Achaka wants to shoot a rope at the dragon's tail but can't hit it directly. Graham will need to place shields for the arrow to ricochet to the beast's tail:
- hang the left shield: Affa Nata
- cross the rope and move the spear: Stalama
- hang the second shield: Affa Nata
- cross the next rope and move the spear: Stalama
- climb back across the rope and remove the second shield: Affa Nata
- climb to the final shield and hang it: Affa Nata - the rope is attached to the dragon's tail
- climb back to your starting point a ring the bell - the dragon will walk away and pull the large door out, freeing Achaka.

After the short cut scene, follow Achaka and let him give you a little lay-up over the door. Use the switch further up to let Achaka pass. Achaka now teaches Graham to use the bow (this skill is what matters the most on this path as it allows Graham to continue his quest in Daventry, even if he doesn't obtain the dragon's eye). Continue following Achaka through the crawl space (nice little King's Quest 5 reference here) and push him when he gets stuck. You arrive face to face with the sleeping dragon. Achaka spans his bow and asks Graham which path to take: the dragon's eye or the exit from the cave - chose Affa Nata to get the dragon's eye or Stalama for the exit. In both cases Achaka will die - the only difference is whether Graham gets the dragon's eye or not. Now you also know who the fallen adventurer was when Graham retrieved the Magic Mirror in the beginning of the game - it was Achaka's skeleton, still holding on to his bow.

As Graham leaves the cave, leaving his deceased friend behind, he wants to stop with the tournament and return home. Manny awaits him and tries talking him into continuing with the tournament. He tells Graham that Achaka came from the far-away village of Itch-Two-Wey, where a famine struck, and Achaka participated in the tournament to receive an audience with the king to plead for help. Achaka was impressed by Graham, a person who could inspire change, and Manny believes Graham can save Achaka's village, but of course Graham must continue the tournament to do so. Graham decides to continue.

If you have already completed round 1 of the tournament, then it doesn't matter if you get the dragon's eye or not. However if you have not completed round 1 yet, then you'll still need an eye. In both cases, proceed following the walkthrough here
. If you obtained the dragon's eye and have not yet completed round 1 of the tournament, then proceed reading here.

Wisdom path: Pumpkin lantern - Fake Eye

At the curiosities shop, buy the pumpkin lantern. Dip the lantern in the unfinished potion (you must have asked Chester and Muriel what the potion actually does before it) to turn it purple. Head for the guards at the chasm in front of the tournament theater and show them "Snarling Snarlac's" eye. If you didn't color the pumpkin, they obviously won't fall for the trick. You'll proceed to the presentation of the eyes at the tournament theater.

Tournament Round 1 results

You notice only three other knight hopefuls are at the presentation of the eyes of a hideous beast. If you followed the path of bravery (regardless whether or not you got the dragon's eye), then you know Achaka was sadly killed by the dragon. Acorn shows off a complete Wedzel Wolf (obviously one of his traps worked), Manny shows a jar stuffed with eyeballs (presumably obtained from the curiosities shop - unlike Graham, he may have pre-ordered them). Whisper shows the eyes of the Snarling Snarlac - if you chose the compassion path, then he stole them from you, otherwise he actually took on the ferocious beast himself. Cut scene: Gwendolyn practices fencing against her teddy bear. Depending on which eye of a hideous beast Graham presented, the cut scene will be different:
- COMPASSION (Bridge Troll's eye): Gwendolyn pretends to attack her bear but then presents him a pie as she doesn't want to hurt him, then dances with him and knocks over a vase.
- BRAVERY (dragon's eye): Gwendolyn attacks her teddy bear directly and knocks over a vase
- WISDOM (fake Snarling Snarlac eye): Gwendolyn attacks her teddy bear, suddenly disappears and then attacks her teddy bear from behind, knocking it into a vase.

Tournament Round Two and Three: Duels of Speed and Strength

The tournament board at King Edward's statue is revealed. In the duel of speed and strength the hopefuls will have to compete against each other with the winners proceeding to the final round.

Finding Achaka
If in round one of the tournament you didn't go in the dragon's cave to obtain the dragon's eye, then Achaka went missing and you're assigned the task to find him and make him sign his portrait as proof that he left the tournament. Whisper saw Achaka heading to the water well. You get Achaka's portrait from the guard.
In case you did get the dragon's eye in the first round of the tournament, then Achaka died and you don't need to return there (the water well would be permanently blocked now). The real reason you need to find Achaka is because he'll teach you how to use the bow, and you wouldn't be able to complete the game without that skill.

Look at the tournament board: you'll have to compete against Whisper in the Duel of Speed and against Acorn in the Duel of Strength - looks like you aren't so lucky... You also notice that the final round is a Duel of Wits. Return to Olfie and use his horn mouthpiece on the horn. Cross the bridge. You can't go straight and through the dark woods without the lantern. So, go right and retrieve your gold coin. In the distance you can overhear the Bridge Troll Guild meeting, but you can't get near it yet (the entrance is through the aforementioned dark woods). Now that you have a gold coin again, you can buy another item: the garden tool from the blacksmith or the lantern from the curiosities shop.

At the bakery talk to the baker. If you removed the bees from the picnic table earlier, he'll say the picnic was great and announce he's engaged. If you didn't remove the bees, then his face will be full of bee stings - he still got engaged but the picnic was not exactly a success...Go to the blacksmith to talk with Amaya and to the curiosities shop to talk with Muriel and...