Half-Life: Blue Shift


You are Barney Calhoun, a mid-level security officer at the Black Mesa Research Facility, with Level 3 security clearance and is accommodated in the Area 8 Topside Dormitories. As a Black Mesa security guard, he is tasked with duties including guarding assigned sections, performing general maintenance, and assisting the science team when required. His "Disaster Response Priority" is to protect the Black Mesa facility and its equipment in the event of an emergency, with secondary priority to safeguard members of the science team. As the game begins you are in the transit car on your way to work.


While you wait for the door to open, look at the transit car passing by to see Gordon Freeman passing by. After the security guard opens the door for you, follow the green line to Area 3 security. When you enter the lobby, follow the red line to personnel facilities. Notice that the lockers display the names of the game designers. Your locker is in the second section. Grab your armor and return to the lobby. The security at the desk will talk about elevator problems and will ask you to help.

Follow the blue line into the armory. After taking the elevator, continue following the blue line. Go to the guy behind the glass to get your pistol. Go to the target range to pick up some ammo clips and practice if you want. (NOTE: don't use any bullets if you want to see an Easter Egg). Return to the elevator. Before entering it, feel free to check out the video surveillance room and check the three monitors - one of them will show Gordon Freeman walking down a hallway, and another will show Gina Cross bringing the specimen to the lab. The third camera shows the shooting range. Watch the camera where Gordon was several times until you see a scientist starts dancing. Take the elevator up again to the lobby.

For an Easter egg, return to the personnel facilities and open the locker next to yours. You'll see a few pictures, two books ("The Truth About Aliens" and "Government Conspiracies") and a box. Save the game, shoot all 68 bullets at the box to reveal a weird alien frog-like creature called a "chumtoad" inside the box. You'll be seeing more of them in their secret lair in the "Focal Point" chapter. Restore the game so you have bullets again.

There is another Easter Egg in the toilet. Open the door of the stall and jump up and down on the toilet to see a weird picture on the inside of the door of the broken stall next to you. Using no-clip mode you can enter the broken stall for a closer look - it shows a guy with eggs in his eyes. This guy also appears in a vent further in the game. Return to the lobby.

Return to the front door and follow the red arrow to the H-E particle labs. After the security guard opens the door, follow the red line into a room with scientists trying to fix some hardware, leading to a small explosion. Follow the path - you'll pass a scientist reading a newspaper and saying the trams have problems. Enter the transit area, turn right and go down the ladder that says "maintenance access". Go through the door and down the flight of stairs. In the no-smoking area, go through the fence door on the opposite side of the room and use the switch on the power box in the dark corner just past the door. Move the barrel out of the way and enter the door. Activate your flashlight to get through the dark corridor. Go up the ladder. In the area with the canal, press the button for the bridge to lower. While you wait, notice the G-man passing by. Keep following the path until you arrive at another transit area. Follow the brown line to the Sector G Main Access Lift where scientist wait for you to fix it.

Enter the elevator and activate the panel. The elevator will go halfway down and have technical problems. You witness the outbreak of aliens across the base and the elevator eventually crashes, killing the two scientists in it.


Exit the elevator and grab the crowbar. Make a right and kill the two Houndeyes. Destroy the boxes - some contain ammo. Don't go down the stairs. Keep going right and smash boxes with your crowbar, grab a clip on the shelf and smash the boxes to enter the hall way. When you see the broke panel with a warning sign above it, smash it with your crowbar. The lights will go out so activate your flashlight and go back to the stairs and go down. Use the panel and go through the level four door. Kill the Headcrabs to your right. Don't step in the water because it will hurt you. Instead jump on the table and go to the other side.

Enter the room, kill the Headcrab, grab the clips on the shelf, and go up the ladder. Talk to the scientist. Left of the scientist, you can see explosive barrels behind a gate - shoot them to open the grate. Go down again, through the grate and follow to a room with an elevator. Use the elevator to get to the other side where two Houndeyes await you. Two Alien Slaves will appear so kill them. Now enter the door to your left and activate the switch for the south access. Go through the south access door.

Make your way around the boxes and kill the two Houndeyes. Smash the boxes to your right to get some health. Kill the Houndeye behind the boxes and crawl under the door. Get the ammo and armor from the dead guard, kill the Houndeye and go to the crane control unit. Position the left panel so it's halfway between the Black Mesa boxes. Move the right panel down a bit. Move the small box under the left panel box and jump up until you reach the ladder. Climb it up and go up to the left.

When you reach the room with busted lights kill the Alien Slaves to your right and left. Two more Alien Slaves will appear so kill them. Go to the right side, climb down the ladder and find the doorway into the canal area. Turn right on the walkway and through the nearby door. Jump to the nearby ladder that leads to the upper walkway, climb it and use the valve wheel. Go along the upper walkway until you reach the top of another ladder near a steam leak. Crouch-walk towards the ladder and climb it down. Find and use the valve wheel, then keep going until you reach a small room with a shotgun lying next to a dead scientist. Get the shotgun, and return to where the steam leak was.

Turn left past the ladder top and move along until you reach a room with health and HEV stations that has a large window overlooking the canal. Check near the first aid and HEV wall stations for a bullet clip on the floor, then use the first aid station if you need to. (Note that you can't ever use HEV stations since you're not wearing any type of powered armor.) Go over to the window and use its large button panel, then get out the pistol and wait for the elevator to arrive. Kill the three Alien Slaves on the elevator (one is on the far left).

Go back to the previous room's upper walkway, jump into the water below and climb up the ladder that leads to the platform where you entered. Head over to its other end, climb the ladder and continue until you arrive in a room with Barnacles. Jump in the water, watch out for the Barnacles, and go through the opening in the water. Turn the valve, quickly get out of that area and use the floating barrels to jump onto the surface. Destroy the boxes for ammo, go through the door and kill the two Alien Slaves.

Make a right on the grating and kill the Alien Slave that appears behind you (the other one will fall). The bridge is broken so jump on the big red pipe to your lower left. Walk around the pipes and onto the metal grating. You will see two Zombies killing a security guard. Make a left and kill the three Zombies in the room. Grab the ammo and armor and continue forward. Kill the Zombies in the next room and make a right on the grating. Use the first-aid to your left if you need it, but continue going forward. Make a left and kill the Bullsquid in the water. Jump in the water. Go right and kill the three Alien Slaves. Kill the Bullsquid in the side passage and go through it. Turn left, kill the Bullsquid and activate the generator control. Head for the elevator, killing the Alien Slave, grabbing the medkit and ammo. Take the elevator up.

Destroy the boxes and follow the path until you reach the elevator you previously lowered. Push the explosives crate over the edge, into the water. After the explosion jump into the water, go past the destroyed wheels and climb up the ladder. You'll hear some Grunts talking above you as they throw bodies of security guards down the shaft. They're talking about Adrian Shepard, the star of Half-life: Opposing force. Continue down the hallway.


Climb the ladder to the surface. Crouch-walk all the way over to the center of the middle sandbag wall that's next to a military truck. Get the shotgun out and crouch-walk around the right side of the wall until you can double-barrel a turret to destroy it in one shot. Stay crouched as you go to the other side of the wall and double-barrel the other turret. Go over to the back of the truck, jump into the truck and pick up all the bullets and explosives, then bash the crate to find a health pack. Exit the truck and go down the road to a set of large doors. They can be opened by using the control panel.

When you reach the car. Grab the ammo, armor and health and make a right to the door with the explosive barrels by it. Shoot off the lock and turn the valve all the way. Climb down the ladder that says steam tunnel access. It will break about halfway. Follow the tunnel, killing headcrabs on the way until you get to hot steam. Crouch walk along its left side, turn the valve and proceed. Go under water and turn the valve under water to open the next door. Prepare the shotgun and kill the Bullsquid. Proceed and kill another Bullsquid. Kill the two headcrabs near the elevator, then take the elevator up.

When you reach the top kill the two headcrabs and go left down the hallway. Kill the two headcrabs that drop down and continue on. Two Alien Slaves will appear. Kill them and make a right, then kill the Alien Slaves at the end of the hallway. Continue down the hallway and kill the Alien Slave by the ladder. Now kill the headcrab on the box, then kill the three Alien Slaves that appear. Go forward and kill the headcrab behind the boxes. Make a left and kill the Alien Slave and two headcrabs behind him. Make a right and kill the headcrab in the cage. Smash the boxes to reveal a med station. Use it and go back to where you were and take the left path. Kill the headcrab behind the box and then kill the two headcrabs near him. Make a right and kill the Alien Slave. Kill the Alien Slave to the left and kill the other one that will appear.

Shoot the explosive barrels. Position the two metal boxes to the right so the big one is in front of the broken vent and the little one is behind it. Jump on the boxes into the vent. Go left and go to the very end. Kill the headcrab and continue right. Break the first case to your left, and continue down this path. Kill the headcrab on the way and continue on. When you drop down kill the headcrab below you and break the case in front of you.

Move the barrel out of the way, and go through the door. Make a right and go up the stairs. Kill the two Grunts and talk to the scientist. He tells you about Dr. Rosenberg and the escape plan. Continue down the hallway until you reach the exit. Enter the door and clear the stairway. Go through the door on the first floor and destroy the boxes for health packs. SAVE THE GAME! Proceed outside and kill the Grunts by the cars. A window on the second floor will break with a Grunt behind it - kill him. Jump on the dumpster, then on the tires, and finally climb through the window.

Go left to the security area. Get the pistol and ammo from the desk. Shoot the padlock and get the goodies inside the enclosed area. Proceed and run straight across to the "PARCEL RECEIVING" door open it. Lure the Grunts into the room for easy targets. Use the light switch on the left wall and bash all the boxes in the room to find three health packs. Leave the parcel receiving area and search the storage area's nearby upper walkway for crates to bash for supplies, including a C4 satchel bomb. Open the door on the red train cart and talk to the scientist who is not Dr. Rosenberg. Go to the storage room and kill the two Grunts inside it. Proceed to the train yard.

There are four Grunts here so kill them, luring them to the door. Behind the red train is a giant wheel with a wire on it. Destroy the wooden blocks for the wheels to roll of and enter the wagon door to find another scientist, again not Rosenberg. Head for the large door which will open by itself, revealing eleven Grunts. Kill them all. Go through the newly opened track. Continue down until you reach an open area with a truck.

First kill the Grunts in the area by luring them to you. Then jump in the back of the truck and grab the rockets and rocket launcher. Use it to destroy the tank. Get the goodies on the train wagons (you can jump up on it at the wagon connectors). Enter the room that says maintenance access and continue down the hall. When you reach the railroad tracks destroy the turret to your right, and go left down the tracks. When you reach the cart, shoot the propane tanks on it to blow a hole through the wall. SAVE the game!

Before jumping through the hole, lure the Grunts to you and kill them. Jump through the hole and enter the turntable controls to your left, activate the switch, and turn the handle. Go to the red train and activate the switch at the end. This will cause the train to go backwards. When it stops, enter the train and talk to Dr. Rosenberg. After he's done, he will push you up. When you get up kill the Grunts and talk to him again. When he's following you, enter the freight warehouse. Keep going until you reach the stairs. Go up the stairs to the third floor and enter shipping receiving. Kill the Grunt in the window to the right and continue forward. Kill the Grunt in front of you and make a left until you reach freight records. Go through it and enter the door to your left. Enter the stairway and kill the three Grunts. Keep going down the stairs until you reach the basement. Follow the hallway through the basement until you see the dead scientist. Now he will stop at the broken wall. Break it with your crowbar and enter the elevator. Take it down then exit.

EASTER EGG: crawl up the broken vent and use your flashlight to see that guy with the eggs in his eyes again.

At the ednd of the hall, break the window and jump through it into the armory for goodies. Leave the armory and have Dr. Rosenberg open the door for you with the hand panel. After he talks with the scientist follow him into the next room. Use the med station if you need to. After Rosenberg is done talking with the other scientist, step under the teleporter.


You arrive on Xen. Kill the three Houndeyes running toward you and the two on the ledge ahead of you. Use the healing pool if you need to. Climb up the rocks and jump on the ledge, crossing it to the other side where you kill another Houndeye. Break the web and crawl through the tunnel. When you reach the room with the crystals go right to the web covered tunnel and crawl through. Kill the headcrab and head left at the T-junction' killing two headcrabs and finding an ammo carrier by the dead person in the HEV suit. Head back to the tunnel and continue straight forward. Kill the headcrab by the crystals and continue forward. Right when you get into the small passageway kill the headcrab.

In this room there's two headcrabs and a Bullsquid in the hole to your left. Kill them and go into the passageway to the right of your entree point. Kill the headcrab and when you reach the intersection go forward. Grab the ammo carrier, kill the headcrab, and go back to the previous room.

Enter the passageway up on the ramp. Kill the two headcrabs (one will drop from the ceiling) and continue on. Go right at the intersection (the left is a dead-end with a headcrab). In the room with the pool kill the headcrabs and step into the healing pool.

Easter Egg: And now it's time to go for the Half-Life series' most peculiar secret area: the Chumtoad's Lair. Get back in the healing pool, get out the crowbar, and quicksave. Run forward from the healing pool into the big water pool, then look down and lean on the "Swim down" key. Turn the flashlight on soon after you start descending so that you'll be able to tell when you're nearing the bottom of this very deep pool. When you reach the bottom, turn left and swim toward the large rock that you see nearby. Just to the right of that rock is a large crack in the wall that's leaking air bubbles. Bang on the wall near the crack with the crowbar until it breaks open, then quickly swim into the tunnel, bash the vines, and surface for air. Jump out of the water and move forward to get the three chirpy chumtoads to teleport out. Check near the middle toad's rock "stool" to find two snark packs that you can take. After quicksaving again, dive back into the water and swim along the tunnel that leads to the deep pool. As soon as you exit the tunnel, lean on the "Swim up" key until you surface.

Go through the other tunnel and continue on until you're at the floating platforms. Follow the path of platforms and kill the three Alien Slaves. When you reach the tunnel go through it and kill the six Houndeyes. Make a right and go through the tunnel to the floating platforms. Use the healing pool in the middle and kill the three Alien Slaves that appear. After the explosions climb across the broken pillar and break the hole in the floor to drop down.

Let the current take you away. Swim to the top of the pool and kill the Bullsquid. Go left and drop down into the stream. Use the jumping pad and jump up left to where the water is pouring out. Watch out for the barnacles.

Now use the healing pool and grab the ammo carrier. Follow the stream until you drop down and go left not right or you will end up where you were. Kill the Bullsquid and the Houndeye and continue forward. At the next ledge kill the Bullsquid and the two Houndeyes on the ledge above. Use the jumping pad and get on the ledge in front of you and go forward through the tunnel.

When you drop down, activate the blue power controls. Go over to the radars and turn the knobs on both until the triangles are in the red zone. After you do that, Alien Slaves, Alien Controllers and an Alien Grunt appear (Yay! Two new enemies at once). Go through the tunnel. Don't worry about the Alien Slave, rocks will fall and crush him. Climb them up, kill the headcrab and drop into the healing pool. Kill the two headcrabs coming towards you and continue forward. Kill the headcrab and the Bullsquid at the end of the tunnel, and kill the two Alien Slaves and Alien Controllers in the big area. Use the jumping pad to get the ammo container on the platform in front of you.

Go back and head left. Kill the Alien Slave near the ammo and health and go through the tunnel. Just go forward through the tunnel and kill any headcrabs you see. When you drop down kill the Alien Slaves and run forward and jump into the portal. You're back in the lab. After Dr. Rosenberg's explanation follow him to the elevator (use the med station if you want) and head down.


Open the door and kill the Bullsquid feeding on a scientist and grab the armor near the dead security guard. Go left to the door, wait for the Grunts to cut through it, and kill them. Grab the health and ammo and kill the three Grunts to the right. Continue going forward until you reach the blue room. Kill the three Grunts and continue forward until you reach the bridge. Cross the bridge and kill the Grunt on top and the two Grunts at the end. Continue forward to the room with the three Grunts and the ladder. Kill them and climb the ladder. Kill the Grunt talking on the radio and grab the health.

When you see the dynamite line go right and kill the four Houndeyes. Head back and you will see two boxes and a barrel. Break the boxes and put the barrel where the broken dynamite line is. Activate the switch and walk through the broken gate. Kill the two Alien Slaves here and climb up the ladder. Kill the four headcrabs at the top and head right. Turn the coolant pump and turn around and go forward. Kill the Bullsquid and grab the armor and ammo. Take the elevator down. When you reach the giant room put the four coolant barrels (two on top and two on bottom) on the metal grating in the middle of the floor, head back and take the elevator up. Now head back to the room with the coolant pump. Turn the valve and head back to the room where the dynamite was.

Go to the room to the left where you killed the Houndeyes and kill the aliens on the other side. Now jump across and go through the door. Kill the three Alien Slaves in this hallway and go through the door. Kill the Alien Grunt and jump over the boxes to get to the other side. Go through the door and kill the two headcrabs on the stairway. Go up the stairway and follow the path to the room with the Alien Slave. Go into the control room. Kill the Bullsquid and turn the two power handles. Now go ALL the back to the room with the radio.

Go to the access 2 lift and activate the switch. Go across the bridge and kill the two Alien Slaves. Now in the room with the dying security guard talk to him until he dies and push the battery into the red power cell charging station and hit the red button. After it's done, push the battery into the power cell delivery lift and hit the switch. Go to the elevator access, open the door and go back to where you started. Now just activate the lift and take the elevator up.


Back at the lab, you'll help out Dr. Rosenberg. Head up the ladder onto the catwalk and head for the control room. Flip tehe power lever. When the system overheats, head for the catwalk and turn the handle until it's in the green zone. Two Houndeyes will attack while you do so. Return to the control room and hit the button when the machine isn't charging and Rosenberg is yelling at you. Now finally at your turn, when it charges hit the button and climb up the ladder. There will be about 6 Grunts (more will come) so just kill the Grunts in your way drop down as quick as you can and jump in the portal.

You'll teleport out with a few errors, including witnessing the unconscious Gordon Freeman being dragged away, but eventually appearing with the others outside Black Mesa. Congratulations, you've won the game.