Hoyle Battling Ships and War


How to play

Battling Ships is a game for two people played on two 10x10 grids. This is the ocean on which your fleets will fight their battle. Each side has a fleet consisting of an aircraft carrier (five squares long), a battleship (four squares), a destroyer and a submarine (three squares each), and a PT boat (two squares). You place these on your grid, out of sight of your opponent. In the Strategic Command Center dialog box, click and drag the ships to place them. Click Rotate 90 to turn ships and click "ok" to start the game.

Each player can fire a salvo of up to six shots per turn with the number of available shots displayed by the number of colored tabs on the right of the screen. You choose the squares your missiles will strike. Hits and misses will be reported to you so you can plan your firing patterns. A ship is sunk when every one of its squares has been hit. The first player to sink all of the enemy's ships is the winner.

Yellow square: targeted square
Blue square: missed shot
Red square: hit target
Black square (if enabled in game options): location of sunken ship.

Shortcut keys

Fire missiles: Spacebar
Clear All Targets: Backspace

Battling Ships game options

Before you begin the game, you may want to check the game setup to make sure all the game options are set to your liking. You control Battling Ships setup options using the Game Setup tab in the Options dialog box, accessible from the main menu bar at the top of the screen.

You can set the number of missiles that can be shot by each player per turn, either to a fixed number from 1 to 6 or to a variable number, depending on the number of ships that are still afloat. In case of a variable number of shots per turn, the Aircraft Carrier Nimitz supplies 2 shots while all other ships supply 1 shot each. You lose a ship's shot(s) the round after it is completely destroyed.

You can also set whether or not you can see the location of your opponent's sunk ships.