Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

Easter eggs

Rennes-le-Chateaux bookstore

Look at the book store window. Jane Jensen (the woman who wrote and designed each Gabriel Knight game) can be seen. Also in the window is Gabriel's book he wrote about the Voodoo Murders. If you have Gabriel look at it he'll say "Wow, isn't he some famous author or something?"

Kurt Cobain burried at the cemetery

When you enter the cemetery, look at the tomb stone in the far right corner (just past the large tomb where Gabriel hides to observe Prince James' men). Make sure your game resolution is set high and you can read the faded name, Kurt Cobain (the legendary singer, songwriter and guitar player of grunge band Nirvana), though the year of birth and death are off by a few years (1969 - 1995 instead of the actual 1967 - 1994)

Ashtray sand

At one point the game designers are pulling a little joke with the gamer. At the train station of Couiza, there is a tipped-over ashtray with a paper laying in the ashtray sand. Any thorough adventure gamer would of course like to know if anything of importance is written on it. There is indeed something on it - "Why are you poking around in ashtray sand?", to which Gabe reacts "Oh... haha..."

Gabriel Knight 4

Search "GK4" or "Gabriel Knight 4" on S.I.D.N.E.Y. to see what Gabriel's next adventure could have been about - ghosts.

Not Roger Wilco

When Gabriel follows Roxanne into the supply room (Day 3: 10am - 12pm), try to operate the cleaning tool in the corner of the room. Gabriel will say "You must be confusin' me with Roger Wilco", the protagonist (and janitor) of Sierra's Space Quest series.

Various Easter eggs with the Egg Icon

To trigger the egg icon, press Ctrl+Shift+` (grave key, same key as "~" on the top on a standard US keyboard). The console will come up.

In the console window type: SetFlag and then hit the space bar. Within the quotation marks that will appear, type EGG and hit the enter key. Now, there are a bunch of places you can use this "egg" icon for interesting results:

Go to the old ruins at Chateau de Blanchefort (top of mountain) and click on the sign pointing to Mt. Cardeau and select the egg icon. Gabriel will fly around for a while with a propeler on his head.

While following Prince James' men on Day 1, 6-10 PM, click on either man and select the egg icon. They'll walk like drunken Scots.

Click on Jean at anytime and select the egg icon. He'll make a flip while making a funny sound.

Go to the Rennes-le-Bains and click on the barman. A disco bal will come from the ceiling and he'll starting dancing on the bar.

Click on the chicken at any time and select the egg icon to hear it "miauw". (see video below to hear it, it didn't show with captions enabled)

Click on Grace at anytime and select the egg icon. She'll do an acrobatic trick.

During Day 2 10-12 PM, go to refrigerator in the hotel kitchen and click on the egg icon.

Click on Emilio during day 1, 10-12 PM while he is sitting in the lobby reading a newspaper, and select the egg icon.

Grace will receive spam on Sidney, including one about losing 30 pounds in 30 days, look at the bottom URL. it says: This is a reference to the famous Monty Python line in the "spam" skit, where the man orders spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam and spam!

Clown shoes

Activate the console window (Ctrl+Shift+`), type "ClownShoes", hit the space bar and type the name of a character, followed by the enter key. You could try: "Gabriel", "Grace", "Buthane", "Mosely", etc. Make sure you also try "chicken" and "cat". Try it on Jean while he is cleaning windows, the Abbe while he is on the roof of the Tour Magdala and Mesmi on Day 3, 9PM.

Setting the mood

Activate the console window (Ctrl+Shift+`), type "SetMood", hit the space bar and type the name of a character, followed by the enter key. You could try: "Gabriel", "Grace", "Buthane", "Mosely", etc. Within the second set of quotes, type a mood. Try "pissed", "angry", "sad," "happy", "confused".