Oil's Well


Atari version by Thomas Mitchell

You're rich!... maybe. Geologists have just located one of the largest oil deposits in North America, on your land! But you have to get it out of the ground before you can spend it. The other oil barons are jealous, and they would do anything to sabotage your operation. They have planted oozies and land mines in your oil fields to wreck your drilling equipment. Don't let them cheat you out of your millions!

Loading instructions

1. Remove all cartridges from the computer.
2. Plug joystick into port #1.
3. ROM cartridge: Insert OIL'S WELL ROM cartridge OR
DISK: Label side up, insert your OIL'S WELL disk into the drive. Turn on the power to the drive, close the door.
4. Turn on the power for the computer and monitor.
5. PRESS OPTION key for playing speeds: Regular, Unleaded or Premium.


Use the joystick to move your drill bit in any direction. Press the button to retract your pipe. For greater distances hold the button down longer.

Function keys
START To start a game
ESC To pause game
OPTION To reselect speed

How to play Oil's Well

Your gusher came in, but that hasn't made you a millionaire. Not yet, anyway. The competition is giving you trouble. Every time you start drilling, an oozie attacks your pipe and eats right through it. Or your drill bits sets off an underground land mine someone (and we know who, don't we) has planted in your oil fields. If you can't avoid these hazards you may have to shut down! As you gather in all those precious oil pellets, watch for extra-rich deposits of high grade oil. Lap up that liquid gold, like gleaming goblets of golden nectar. In the deepest, darkest caverns below you will find an occasional deposit of petromin. While this rare mineral is flowing up your pipe it creates a force field which slows down those oozies, giving you a chance to mine some of those deeply buried oil pellets. Be careful, though - the land mines are not affected by petromins. As you mine each of your eight oil fields, construction workers are busy overhead building a refinery. Clear out all the fields and your refinery will be finished. You can sell your refined oil, and live on Easy Street for the rest of your life! What are you waiting for? Your first fortune is only minutes away!

The players

Drill Bit: You get 3 to start with, and another for every 10,000 points. Each has a life span of 990 ticks.

Land Mines: Your drill bit will detonate this, but it won't hurt your pipe.

Oil pellets: Gobble up every one of these to advance to the next field. 10 pts

Petromins: Powerful fuel-vitamins that slow down the oozies.

Oozies: These will destroy your pipe, but your drill bit will devour them (points increase as you dig deepezr). 20-170 pts.

Goblets: Your drill bit can mine these super-rich deposits; they pass harmlessly through your pipe. 1000 pts.