M.A.C.H.: Modified Air Combat Heroes


Profile handling

After launching the game, the first page displayed is the Profile Handling page. Here you can create a new profile, load an existing profile, manually save your profile, delete a profile or enable/disable auto-saving. The Profile Handling page is also accessible through the Options menu in the Main menu.

If no profile exists yet, you will instead be taken directly to the New Profile screen. After inserting a new player name, you will be asked to select a save slot and whether or not you would like auto-save to be enabled or disabled.

Main menu

After having loaded a profile or creating a new profile the game's main menu appears.

Arcade: train your skills in race or dogfight mode on one of the 5 available maps with one of your available planes. Arcade mode does not offer money prizes.

Career: the main part of the game - participate in and win each series, each consisting of both dogfight and race events, and win them all to unlock new planes and higher tiers of increased difficulty, earning money in the process to upgrade your planes, and eventually defeating the Baron and winning the game. See Career mode for details.

Challenge: Play five different challenges, such as collecting coins and capturing the flag, to earn stars and unlock new tiers with increased difficulty. Also the Challenge mode does not offer money prizes. See Challenge mode for details.

Multiplayer: Join or host a race or dogfight through WLAN with up to 8 players. See Multiplayer mode for details.

Options: Set the audio options, access the Profile handling page or view the game credits.