Willy Beamish (The Adventures of)


Day One


Ms. Glass asks Willy what she just said.
1) "I don't know, Ms. Glass."
2) "I've got something stuck in my ear."
3) "We can all go home now."
Pick any - you learn that you have a bad report card and fear that you won't get money to go to the Nintari Championship.

Ms. Glass hears Horny.
1. "Oh, that was just my frog, Horny": to the principal's office.
1.1. "Ya mean this thing?": give toupee to return to detention.
1.2. "Here, Mr. Frick.": give toupee to return to detention.
1.3. "Chill out, egg-head.": sent to military school: game over.
2. "Must be something I had for lunch.": Ms. Glass suggests the nurse's office.
2.1. "Uh, no thanks.": detention proceeds.
2.2. "Ohhhh... I feel a stabbing pain in my side.": you go to the nurse's office.
2.2.1. "Ow! That's it!": to the hospital: game over.
2.2.2. "No, it doesn't hurt at all.": you return to detention.
3. "No, Ms. Glass": detention continues.

Ms. Glass tells everyone to write an essay. SAVE GAME

Sit in class and wait for the detention to be over, or sneak out of school. If you sneak out:

Open Willy's desk and pick up the wooden block and the white crayon.
Use the white crayon on the wooden board to write "HALL PASS" on it.
Wait for Ms. Glass to fall asleep and head out the door.
Easter egg: Look at football player poster for a reference to Damon Slye.
Whatever you do, Coach Beltz catches you.

1. "I was just on my way to the bathroom coach."
2. "Mr. Frick gave me permission to be here."
3. "School's out and I'm history."
Pick any (in case of option 3, he additionally lets Willy do push-ups). Coach Beltz will demand a hall pass. Show him your fake hall pass.

(If you forgot to get the board and a crayon or if you made a hall pass with a red crayon, you're sent to the principal. Whatever you reply to him, he'll demand his toupee back (if you haven't returned it previously) and send you back to detention.
If you try to escape and get busted a third time, you're sent to the military school: game over.

Willy can't sneak out of the school, so he goes to the bathroom instead. In the bathroom Willy meets Spider, the school bully.
1. "Hey, dude, smokin' ain't allowed in school.": Willy gets beaten, goes to the nurse's office and back to detention.
2. "I don't think so, Spider.": give him your Gamebuddy and sneak out of school. Give anything else and he'll beat you again.
3. "None of your business.": give him your Gamebuddy and sneak out of school. Give anything else and he'll beat you again.


If Willy snuck out of school early, the report card is in the mailbox. You can take it or leave it - the parents WILL find out either way. Willy meets the ghost of Grandpa Beamish.

Go inside the house. Willy meets his dog, Duffy. Whenever your dog is hungry or anxious for a walk, make sure to feed him and take him out, or else Willy's trouble meter will climb. Check the phone messages after you return from the walk.

Go to the kitchen in the back and talk to Mom. Mom forces you to take care of your sister and cut some food. Take Brianna outside on the swings. When she tells you to swing higher, don't because it will be game over. You'll automatically return to the kitchen and start cutting vegetables, cutting yourself.

Go to the entrance hall, up the stairs and into the bathroom (door on the far wall). Open the left-most cabinet under the sink, use the Germ-Away on the cut, then put a band-aid on. If you don't, Willy's band-aid bursts later on in the game.

Now you have free time until dinner, which you can spend exploring the house. You can enter Tiffany's room, steal her diary (becomes important later on) and change her scale for fun. You can explore Brianna's room a bit (not much to do there). You can also enter your room of course and play Nintari. When mom calls for dinner, go to the dining room immediately to avoid Willy's trouble meter to climb.

Cut scene: Dad has been fired, meaning Willy can't go to the Nintari championships! Dad looks at Willy's report card (he makes you give it to him if you took it earlier), and locks up your Nintari as punishment, giving the key to Tiffany. Dad watches the TV and learns that there's a plumbers' strike.

When the dog asks for food, give him some, avoiding trouble to climb. Then head for the living room.

Cut scene: Louis Stoole, the man in charge of the plumber's union, makes an evil plan with Leona Humpford, President of Tootsweet Industries, to own Frumpton. All they need is a fall-guy which they intend to hire.

Small home tasks

In the living room, talk to dad who tells to mow the lawn - he'll give some money. (if you say you'll do it later, he lets you, but you'll need the money). Reenter the house and walk to a different room to hear Tiffany up in the bathroom.

Head to the bathroom, where Tiffany is naked in the tub. Give Tiffany the conditioner. Notice the Nintari key. Use Horny on Tiffany and get the key. Alternatively yo can use Tiffany's diary on her to get it, but that's not recommended as you can swap it for something else later. If you try simply take the key, Tiffany will throw you out of the room.

Go into Brianna's room and help her back up to lower your trouble meter.
Check out Tiffany in her room.
Enter your room, use the key on the Nintari and play until bedtime. Then go in bed.

Day Two


In the dining room, when prompted, feed Briana and Duffy.
Gordon gets a job interview by Leona as her new PR VP. Tootsweet is holding a Frog Jump Contest, with a big grand prize, enough money to get to the Nintari Championships! But the Amazing Turbofrog, with the 25 foot world record jump, will be in attendance also!

When dad asks Willy to wash his car, do so and you get extra money which you'll need soon.
Then leave the house and front porch and head for the tree house.

Tree House

Willy's friends, Dana and Perry are here. Grab your comic book from the shelf and talk to them. Perry finds a cool baseball card and, if you have Tiffany's diary, you can trade it for the card. Dana is not too pleased with it though.

Dana has a frog, Gigi, and Horny falls in love and tries to chase her. This could help Horny win the Frog Jump competition! However Dana won't bring Gigi to the competition.

Dana offers to go out for pizza, because she has a coupon. Leave the tree house.

Slice of Life pizza

Pay the photographer to take your photo. Willy farts really badly. When Spider confronts Willy about it, tell him "Lemme go...I'm warnin' ya." and he'll let you go to the bathroom. The other option will get you beaten up and in the hospital - game over.

There are inflammable gasses in the bathroom. Get the "No Smoking" sign and throw it in the garbage bin. When Spider comes in, give him Willy's comic book. After Willy and his friends leave, Spider lights a cigarette and gets blasted out of the building. Note that it's game over if you don't give the comic book or if you did not remove the non-smoking sign.

Tree House

Perry tells you that you need to fill out an entry form for the Frog Jump contest in West Frumpton tomorrow. Currently the ferry is down as Gus ran it on a sandbank again.

Talk to your friends again to propose letting the frogs practice jump in the park. Then leave.


Put Horny on the jump starting point and activate him - he jumps 15 feet back and forth. Buy a Slam Dunk Cola from the vendor, give it to Horny, and he'll jump into the fountain, well beyond the 25 feet record of Turbofrog!
Leave (you'll see Tiffany crash her car) and head downtown (upper right of the map).


Click on the fountain and take a ferry token from it. Don't take the other or you'll end up in jail - game over.
Go to the T-Shirt Kiosk, talk to the woman and give her the photograph (if you bought it). If you also bought the cola in the park, then you have no more money left now.
Use the lottery machine and press the blue button to get a lottery tickets.
Exit and return to the treehouse.

Tree House

Give Dana the shirt and she agrees to bring Gigi to the frog jump contest.
In inventory, skip ahead in time until it time to go home.


You meet the new babysitter, Alicia. SAVE THE GAME! The next part is timed and you may want to reduce your cycles in DOSBox if you use it for this game.

Head to the kitchen and then dining room where you and Brianna are served worms for dinner! Alicia changes into a bat!
Quickly go to the bathroom, grab the hairspray, right-click to get a crosshair, and use it on Alicia.
Run to Brianna's room and get the dead mouse.
Run to the living room and click on the vacuum cleaner to hide it behind the couch.
Put the mouse on the coffee table to lure the bat/babysitter close, then suck it up with the vacuum, using the target system!
It turns out the whole babysitter thing was a dream...

Day Three


Go down to get breakfast. Mom and Tiffany are in a fight about the driver's lesson, and Mom wants Tiffany to stop dating her stupid boyfriend. Leave the room for a cut scene of Dad getting the job with Leona Humpford.
Feed Duffy and take him out for a walk. Also take Brianna out on the swings (don't swing her too hard).
Head out of the house (if you tampered with Tiffany's scale, she'll be in for a surprise now), and head to Olde Town.


Go to the fountain to see Tiffany got a mohawk. Ignore her for now, and head to the ferry. Give the man your token or the baseball card to be taken across the river to West Frumpton.

On the trip, Willy takes a picture upon request of a Japanese family and gets a ninja star and smoke bomb in gratitude.

West Frumpton

In West Frumpton are a bar, the Tootsweet Headquarters, the Tootsweet Factory and the Plumbers' Union. Go to Tootsweet Headquarters to get an entry form.
Go to the Plumbers' Union and click on the entrance to hear Louis give a speech, urging everyone to not give up the strike. Leave and head for he Golden Bowl.

Ray, the security guard, won't let you in. SAVE THE GAME! Keep trying to go in until you meet the Cripes. Ray throws you his wrench to help you out. Don't throw it at the gang because it'll just hit Ray in the crotch. Use the smoke bomb on the gang with the aim cursor. Then use the wrench on the top of the fire hydrant. Run to the Tootsweet Headquarters, where Willy sees his Japanese friends. Tell them the guys are going to clobber you and the Japanese friends turn into ninjas, saving Willy!

When coming home, immediately go to sleep to avoid trouble.

Day Four


After the opening scene in the dining room where dad is stressing to be at work on time, mom is freaking out about the plumbing and Tiffany gets lambasted for her new style, feed and take out Duffy.
Get the jar of flies from Willy's room.
Go outside. The news media is there, trying to talk to Dad, because he's Tootsweet's PR VP. Head to the tree house.

Tree House

Talk to Dana to remind her about the big frog jump, and she says she'll go there with you. Head to Olde Town and ride the ferry with Dana. You'll see Turbofrog and his arrogant owner Hans on the ferry.

West Frumpton

Head to Tootsweet and give your entry to the judge. Feed Horny the flies to have Turbofrog eats them instead, making him sleepy. Unfortunately you can't use Slam Dunk Cola to help Horny win the contest. During the contest, press the red button when the left meter is full for the longest jumps and win either first or second place.

Once the contest is over, a bunch of frogs are jumping all over the place and Horny jumps inside the Tootsweet building, so go after him. Willy overhears a conversation between his dad and Leona. Willy is then captured by a guard and taken to the security office.

Leona tells the guard to get all of the frogs and take them to her mansion so she can make some tasty frog legs for dinner. You witness Horny as the last frog being captured. Combine Willy's Nintari key with his chain and use it on the guard and use the hypnotic phrase "Hoopa, Coiler, Agamemnon", and the guard falls asleep. Quickly go outside before he gets back to his senses.

As a winner of the contest, you get a check and a jet ski. Go to the dock, jump on the jet ski, and leave towards the Humpfor Mansion, outside of Olde Town.

The guard is asleep, so enter. Talk to Arthur the parrot:
1. "Sure. Hi. What's your name?"
2. "Who's Harry?"
3. "Go on tell me more. I'm all ears."
4. "They can't do that, can they?"
Arthur tells you all about Leona's evil plot. She wants the strike to continue until the Sludgeworks gets backed up, and, according to Harry's will, she gains ownership of the sludgeworks.

Head to the dining room to the right, get the cup and then the table cloth - otherwise the cup falls and you're busted. Get the cup off the ground to place in inventory. Return to the entrance hall.

Put the tablecloth under the suit of armor and use the suit, which falls apart with the table cloth muffling the sound. Take the blueprint and look at it.
Get the helmet, head to the dining room, and to the kitchen.

Cut scene: Gordon is on TV, telling about the conspiracy, while Leona and Louis watch and curse him.

Horny's here in the kitchen. To save him and the frogs:
1. Throw the cup at the cook.
2. Sneak up behind the cook.
3. Grab the sauce pan, and pour it between the pot and the cook.
4. Push the large pot closer to the cook.
5. Go back to where you entered the kitchen.
6. Jump onto the carousel - the cook falls into the pot.
8. Throw the knight helmet on cook to stop her from screaming for security.
9. Press the right button to free the frogs.

Leave the kitchen. Willy gets caught and Leona and Louis try to drown Willy, then plan to kill Gordon. Luckily Turbofrog comes to Willy's rescue.

West Frumpton

Ride the jet ski to West Frumpton, then zoom in on the jet ski. Get the tape recorder and go the Plumbers' Union. Sneak in the window and get the security pass on the desk. When Louis comes in, grab the plunger and use it on Louis. Quickly grab the security pass and leave through the door.

Go to the pay phone and put the tape recorder onto the counter and the phone on the recorder.
Hit the round record button, dial the astrology hotline, whose number is written on the wall, 432-SIGN (432-7446), stop recording at the end of the message, and put the phone back on the hook.
Put the phone on the recorder again, call the Golden Bowl bar, whose number is also written on the wall: 342-3403 and, when Ray is on the phone, play him the recorded message. You know can enter the bar.

In the bar, give the lottery ticket to the bartender before he throws you out. The lottery numbers are announced, and your ticket is a winner! While everyone is celebrating, quickly take the nude calendar (use tab to find it) and leave.

Go to the Tootsweet factory, give the nude calendar to the strikers, go past them, and you find a security guard. Show him your pass, and go in the factory. As soon as you're out of sight, the guard calls Leona, learns that you're an intruder, and sounds the alarm. SAVE THE GAME!

Run to the control panel and look at it. Open the cover, and turn the switch on. Press the buttons in the order the blueprints tell you:
brown, purple, green, purple
(green, purple, red, purple if you're not playing the PC version)
Move the stick to the left, and the guards fall in the sludge.

Run to the next room, turn on another console, type AIR to get rid of the guards and type TRAM to escape.

Willy meets up with a goon who works for Leona. When he throws his hat, click on Willy to duck. Then get the hat and use it in aim-mode on the goon. Jump on the raised platform, and jump on the tram while it's lowered.

You need the blueprint to figure out where to go: to the giant toilet: straight, right, left, straight, and left.

When Louis and Leona run towards Willy, use Willy's yo-yo on Willy, right-click to target Leona, and Louis falls with her into the toilet. Flush the giant toilet and Willy's dad is saved and water in the city clears. Willy wins the Nintari Championships.