Colonel's Bequest (the): A Laura Bow Mystery

Easter eggs

The name "Jessie" on the ferry boat is actually the name of Douglas Herring's (the game's animator) niece.

Use the toilet to get a reference to Leisure Suite Larry.

Try to take a shower in the upstairs bathroom for the shower scene of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" (save your game first!)

Go into the stable and type "Bridle horse" to get a reference to King's Quest IV.

Talk to Celie's chickens to get a reference to King's Quest III.

Flying Statue/Red Baron Easter Egg

"The Colonel's Bequest features a very elusive easter egg of a flying statue. Using SCI Companion, I was able to decompile the game's scripts and figure out what triggers it. It turned out, the egg will trigger randomly when entering the room outside the back of the mansion, with a chance of 1:200. So this very low chance explains the very few reports of this egg.
I changed the script to increase the triggering probability, and was finally able to trigger the egg. But wait - there's more! =) The script refers to an airplane, and not a statue. Looking at the object's view (104) I noticed it contains 3 loops. The first is a statue, the second shows the benches, and the third is a never-before-seen airplane. The script sets the airplane's loop to 3, but since we use zero-based counting, the airplane's loop should've been 2. Fixing the script once again, I was able to trigger the egg as it was meant to be seen."

Special thanks to Omer Mor for posting and fixing this Easter Egg!

Try to kiss various characters.
Try to hug various characters.
Try to wear the clothes in Fifi's dressing room.
Type "Blow nose" when you have the handkerchief, to hear a blowing sound (sort of). You can also blow the other characters' noses for them.