Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love for Sail!

Easter eggs

Leisure Suit Larry 7 nude scenes get unlocked if you find the Easter Eggs. The final Easter Egg (with captain Thigh) occurs after the credits at the very end of the game, and is unlocked by finding all other Easter Eggs, all 32 "Where's Dildo"s and scoring a perfect score of 1000 points. So, here they are.

Keep in mind that this game is rated "M" (17+) by the ESRB.



Torin's Passage references

Torin's Passage was Al Lowe's most recent project before Larry 7, and he made several references to Torin within this game. As early as the opening credits of the game, you can see a tiny Torin and Boogle on the sidewalk, next to the ship. See them?

The most obvious reference to Torin occurs when Larry, once again, returns to his cabin in the nude, after the fashion show. Recognize the cameraman?

The announcer at one point may also say that Slim and Slime (the 2 snails in Torin's Passage) have won the Moat Olympics.

Security zone portraits

The people portrayed in the security zone before the employee area are:
Top row left to right: Walter Forbes, former US president Bill Clinton, Mike Brochu (president of Sierra for a while), Randy Dersham and Jeff Tunnell (co-founder of Dynamix)
Second row left to right: Ken Williams (founder and CEO of Sierra), Jerry Bowerman, Scott Lynch (SVP Sierra Studios), Ron Stevens and Craig Alexander

Other Easter Eggs

- From Horseshoe Competition, use map to goto Das Grande Atruimo and you'll be able to walk to any point on the screen, even the sky!
- While talking with Peggy, Look at her chest.
- Functions keys (not F1) play different sound effects.
- Let Larry stand still for a while to see what he does!
- Flush the toilet for different effects.
- Use the toilet paper on Annette.
- Show dirty picture to different characters. Show to some people again after you put mucilage on them.
- Control-P twice takes you to Psychedelic Mode, repeat to turn off.

Unused material

In the resource files of the game you can find the image of the foot of the naked Dave, made of cards. Whie you can zoom in on the foot of Venus to take dice, you cannot zoom in on David's foot in the game itself.